40G OTU Service Grooming via OSN1800, OSN6800 and OSN8800


In country T, Operator T’s backbone transmission has to be significantly enhanced in order to support the incoming 3G and HSDPA traffic as they are planning to make up for their growth as relative latecomers to the data services (3G & HSDPA) in mobile networks. Therefore they have decided to utilize the newly available 40G OTUs in order to create a backhaul which could cater for all of their needs in terms of their backbone traffics. The equipments being utilized would be a host of OSN1800, OSN6800 and OSN8800.QQ截图20140717104528
Factors & Consideration:
As operator T’s traffic requirement are huge, and their newly planned network would include approximately 25 OADM nodes (OSN8800 & OSN6800), 6 ROADM (OSN8800 and OSN6800) nodes and also more than 20 Access nodes (OSN1800), there would be a challenge where the traffics has to be groomed via different product series in order to achieve the 40G OTU solution. Before the project could be implemented with a certain level of confidence, we would have to understand the limitations of the various families of products and also the corresponding boards which are involved. The strategy of the traffic grooming and relays are described as below:
Access Nodes (OSN1800):
i. ELOM board: Utilized for GE Services at the sites which utilize OSN1800. The ELOM board effective acts as an OTU which transpose a maximum of 8 GE Services into an ODU1 equivalent service. When all 8 GE services are utilized, we can transpose an equivalent of 4 x ODU1 into the network.
ii. LSX board: Utilized whenever 1 unit 10GE or STM-64 services would be necessary.
OADM Nodes (OSN8800 and OSN6800):

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Australia Skilled Sponsored Nominated Visa


The Australian Resident Return visa (subclass 155) is a permanent resident visa for current or former Australian Permanent Residents and former Australian citizens. it will allow the Australian PR to maintain or retain their status as an Australian permanent resident

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Home Tutors in Delhi


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Different Tasks Conducted by Transcriptionists


Transcriptionists need to have the skill of literacy. There is an opportunity for just about any word in a given language to be utilized during the course of a meeting or session that will require transcription; the person must have the ability to transcribe what is heard precisely. This means that in addition to fast and error free typing, one of the most important task or say the skill, required for a transcriptionist is to listen, listen in full attention and listen flawlessly.

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How to Score 900 at HESI Exit Exam


Most accurate HESI Exit Exam Study guide can be found at Your Best Grade. HESI Exit Exam is a pre-nursing test given by candidates prior to NCLEX-RN or PN exam. Schools use this score to determine if a student is prepared for the licensure exam. Schools also use the score to find the weak areas in which a student needs to improve.

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Are you eligible for Work Accident Claims


Work Accident Claims Solicitors is a law firm that specialises in handling accident at work claims on behalf of employees who have suffered an injury due to their employer's carelessness. Established over ten years ago, the legal team at Work Accident Claims Solicitors has already helped numerous victims of workplace injuries claiming thousands of pounds in compensation.

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