20 tips to extend iphone battery life


Anyone who’s used an iPhone for even a few days has discovered that while these phones are more powerful, and more fun, than perhaps any other cell or smart phone, that fun comes with a price: battery use. Any halfway intensive iPhone user will recharge their phone almost every couple of days.

There are ways to conserve iPhone battery life, but many of them involve turning off services and features, which makes it a choice between all the cool things that the iPhone can do and having enough juice to do them.

Here are 20 tips to help you extend your iPhone's power, including new tips for iOS 7, which has features that can drain battery faster than earlier versions.

You don't need to follow all of them (what fun would that be?)—just use the ones that make sense for how you use your iPhone—but following some will help you conserve juice.

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High Quality Connecting Rods Best Choice for Automobiles


Connecting Rods -Get here the entire database of connecting rods manufacturers, connecting rods suppliers and exporters.They are generally made from cast aluminum and are designed to withstand stresses from combustion and piston movement.

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Get Project Management Services in Montreal from SCD


SCD is most preferred project management services provider in Montreal. If you have a home or commercial project that needs to be done, SCD can do it. Our team has been in the project management industry for over the 25 years combined and we have successfully helped our client throughout all phases of the new construction projects.

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Bentonite the Most Effective Energy Booster


Bentonite -Get listings of bentonite granules,bentonite manufacturers, bentonite exporters and suppliers.These granules are available in different forms such as roasted bentonite granules, bentonite powder, liquid form, capsule form and clay form.

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Why publish science in peer-reviewed journals?


Peer review is commonly accepted as an essential part of scientific publication. But the ways peer review is put into practice vary across journals and disciplines. What is the best method of peer review? Is it truly a value-adding process? What are the ethical concerns? And how can new technology be used to improve traditional models? The recent announcement of a new journal sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Max Planck Society, and the Welcome Trust generated a bit of discussion about the issues in the scientific publishing process it is designed to address—arbitrary editorial decisions, slow and unhelpful peer review, and so on.

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Plate Heat Exchangers Built to Meet Types of Heating Material


Find here the list of plate heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers manufacturers, suppliers and exporters.The common material are used in heat exchangers is stainless steel but they can also made by using variety of materials in different sizes and specifications.

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