Residential Air Filters, Breath Cleaner Air in Your Home


Todd Shafer has invented two types of home air filters. Antimicrobial and Allergen air filters to protect against allergens, airborne particles and contaminants, bacteria and other viruses. These air filters eradicate cold and flu viruses and made with TACKEM and sticky technology which is used by the Military and NASA to reduce household dust and allergens. These air filters sprayed with additional anti-microbial spray to kill bacteria as well viruses that cause upper respiratory infections.

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How Can You Recover Deleted Photos Android with Ease?


Photo is the media which can be used to keep your precious memories. You can use your phone to take photos anytime and anywhere. Thus, some of the photos must be very important to you. If you delete these files by mistake, it will be a disaster. Then, how to recover deleted photos Android? You may want to know the answer. Now in this post, we will show you how to do this job easily with MiniTool software.

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HTTP Live Streaming


HTTP live streaming, also known as HLS, has become a golden thread that binds thousands of technology-centred companies across the world. HLS is a protocol underpinned by adaptive bitrate technology and is the most used live streaming framework in the world. Amazingly, HLS supports an array of live streaming frameworks, so whether you’re big or small, tall or wide, chances are, HLS will fit right into your technology stack. If you’re on your way to building your stack, we suggest picking a turnkey framework. StreamNow, a live streaming technology developed by Streamhash, is a cost-effective, superlative framework that can fit into your core technology and also plug into an HLS streaming server.

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How to Backup Operating System Windows 10


More and more users want to backup operating system Windows 10 in case of any accidents. But, how to backup operating system Windows 10?
Now, if you are still worried about Windows 10 backup, you can try using MiniTool Partition Wizard to backup operating system. It not only can backup Windows 10, but also can backup Windows 7, Windows 8 and other operating systems. Besides, it offers 2 excellent features (Copy Disk as well as Migrate OS to SSD/HDD) to backup operating system.
Migrate OS to SSD can migrate partitions required to boot Windows while the copy disk feature clones the entire hard disk.

Here, we take the feature of Migrate OS to SSD/HDD for example:
Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard, and then click Migrate OS to SSD/HDD in the toolbar.

Choose a suitable method to backup operating system.

Select a new disk to save to copy of the operating system.

Choose a copy option.

Read a popup note.

Apply all changes.

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Best Social Media Marketing Services in Delhi | Internet Marketing Company Delhi | Facebook marketing Services


Boost your brand's online presence with our best social media marketing services in Delhi, India. We are social media expert in promoting business,lead generation,boosting fan following, routing traffic to website by focusing your targeted audience. We offer affordable social media marketing packages for small business.

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Global – Vaccines Market & Forecast


Global Vaccines Market to reach US$ 60 Billion by the year 2022. Pediatric vaccines market is having a dominant market share compared to Adult vaccines market. By 2022 Pediatric vaccines market share will be double the size of adult vaccines market share. Worldwide the number of infants immunized by influenza vaccines remain considerably low than that of adults immunized in year 2017.

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The Production Process of Investment Casting Foundry India


Investment casting manufacturing is one of the most profitable manufacturing processes in this day and age. Investment casting foundry India claims that the manufacturing of steel for several uses in almost all aspect of life is one of the oldest metal working processes in the world.

This manufacturing process has not changed at all for over a hundred years and the industry is still growing at a rapid pace.

This process of metal working dates back to five thousand years ago. It was used to produce bronze and copper for pots, vessels, weapons and tools, gold jewelry and statues for decoration and personal use.

This process was created by ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt along with the Han Dynasty of China and the Aztecs.

There were several processes involved in the investment casting, such as:

•The lost wax casting was done with the use of bees wax for making a particular pattern while it was in liquid form.

•The wax was allowed to harden over time, away from the sun to get the best shape for the final casting.

•After the wax was hardened it was dipped in molten metal to have the final shape.

The earliest process recorded goes back to 1100 AD which speaks of a sculptor named Benvenuto Cellini molding a statue after the Greek Hero Perseus holding the head of Medusa.

Despite the process being old, it requires high tech advanced metal forming techniques that are bound to produce a higher quality and quality of steel and stainless steel parts. Investment casting is a one on one process that creates one wax per metal part.

Because it is flexible and ever changing there it can develop a lot of complexities that need to be solved in order for it to run smoothly. With the correct casting methods however a large amount of metal works can be produced in a short time.

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Welcome iOS 11- What’s New for Developers


Learn more about what's new with iOS 11 Development and what considerations you should keep in mind when updating your app for iOS Developers.An innovative approach is one of the most powerful ways to survive in the highly competitive information technology domain where today’s technology becomes obsolete tomorrow.The Cupertino Company knows this fact very well, and therefore, it comes up with several innovative features accompanied with a seamless performance in every new variant of iOS.

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How Do I Recover Formatted Drive Data


What do you do if you mistakenly format your drive containing massive important data?
Now, try the following 3 steps to recover formatted drive data.
Step 1: Select Damaged Partition Recovery in the main interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery.
Step 2: Select the formatted hard drive, and then full scan it.
Step 3: Check all needed files, and save them on a safe place.

Why do you pick MiniTool Power Data Recovery for formatted hard drive data recovery?
1. Excellent Performance
In general, as long as the data has not been overwritten and data loss is not caused by hardware failure, you can recover them by using this professional tool.
2. Simple Operation
MiniTool Power Data Recovery offers wizard like interfaces as well as simple operations. Thus, even our grandmother can easily use it to recover formatted drive data.
3. High Security
Now, as long as you use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover lost data, you don’t need to worry about data leakage for it is a read-only tool.
4. Warm and Attentive Service
MiniTool Solution Ltd. provides 7×24 hours tech. support via email. If you have any questions or need our assistance, you can send your email to support@minitool.com.

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