8 Effective Ways to Increase YouTube Traffic (2019)


YouTube, the second largest search engine after Google, is extremely important for society. According to YouTube, more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day, and a staggering 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute. YouTube is an undeniably powerful force for social media marketing. But, in order to make money on YouTube, you need to increase YouTube traffic.

Now, I guess you might be wondering:

“How do I get more traffic to my YouTube Video?”
Fix 1. Create Outstanding Video Content
The content in your video is the most important factor in deciding just how many traffic it gets. Unfortunately, many users ignore it on social media.

If you want to drive more traffic to your YouTube, you have to create great content. People like to share good videos.

Fix 2. Optimize Your Video
After creating and uploading compelling video content, it is time to optimize your YouTube video to get rank higher in terms of SEO.

As we know, millions of users search for YouTube content daily. How your videos rank can make a huge impact on how many views you receive. However, how to improve rankings to increase YouTube traffic?

There are 4 things you must take care of if you want to optimize your video to drive traffic to YouTube:


Fix 3. Encourage Viewers to Subscribe
Your best new customers are your old customers! Have you ever heard of this saying?

Encouraging your current viewers to subscribe can drive more traffic to YouTube because gaining subscribers will increase the number of views on each new video that you release.

Ask viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel at the end of each video and prompt viewers to turn on the notification bell after they’ve clicked subscribe.

Fix 4. Create Descriptive Video Playlist

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Facebook Slideshow: How to Create Slideshow on Facebook (2019)


The Facebook Slideshow feature is designed for users to create eye-catching slideshows on mobile applications to share a collection of memories. However, do you know how to make use of Facebook Slideshow?
Steps to Create a Facebook Slideshow
Step 1. Open Facebook application on iOS and Android phones, enter your email address (or phone number) and password when prompted to log in.

Step 2. Click Share a photo or video.
Step 3. Choose the Slideshow or Create Slideshow button.

Step 4. Select the video elements.

You should make a few simple decisions on a few key video elements before adding photos.

Aspect ratio: You can choose the aspect ratio for the Facebook slideshow. If you like square, please choose 1:1. If you prefer rectangle, please choose 16:9. Of course, you can choose 2:3, if you prefer vertical. Alternatively, you can let the first image in the slideshow determine the ratio.
Image Duration: Choose how long you'd like to show each image in the slideshow. Choose from 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 seconds for each slide on your Facebook slideshow. Note that slideshows can’t be longer than 15 seconds.
Transition: Choose None or Fade to customize how the slideshow switches from one image to the next.
Music: You can click Music to upload music for the Facebook slideshow. Note that if you want to upload your own music tracks and then broadcast it publicly, make sure you have the licensed rights to use music.
Step 5. Upload images. You can click the + button or the Upload Photo to upload 3 to 10 images.
Step 6. Click Edit to edit any image or element that you want before publishing. For instance, you can add a caption, choose a font or change the size and positioning of the text in the slideshow and then click Save.

Step 7. Click Create slideshow when you’ve checked everything, and you are sure you are ready to publish. The Facebook page begins processing the slideshow. It may take up to 2 minutes to finish it.

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The Best Free Slideshow Maker – MiniTool Movie Maker (2019)


Do you know how to make a stunning slideshow to tell your memories with a story? MiniTool Movie Maker, the best free slideshow maker, can help you create photo slideshow with music easily and quickly. Now, it's your time to make an eye-catching and engaging photo slideshow.

MiniTool Movie Maker, developed by MiniTool® Software Ltd., is designed to help you create outstanding photo slideshow with music quickly and easily.

Video Templates. Choose from a wide variety of video templates.
Easy-of-use. It offers wizard-style interface guides. You can add your photos and video clips to make a video in a few minutes, even if it’s your first slideshow.
Built-in Effects. This photo video maker offers 100+ transitions, and a lot of filters, texts, and animations to help you create outstanding slideshows.
Add Beautiful Music Easily. Add any music you like to your slideshow.
Easy to Share. You can share your own outstanding videos with friends and family on YouTube and Facebook.

Step 1. Get and launch MiniTool Movie Maker to get the following window.
In this window, you can see the best free slideshow maker offers movie templates including love, wedding, travel, etc.
Step 2. Import files to the easy-of-use photo video maker.
With MiniTool Movie Maker, you can import pictures, videos, and music files from your PC or other devices. (The best free slideshow maker offers several free music files to you, and you can freely use it on your slideshow.) After importing, you can find these imported files in the Media library.

Then, you can drag and drop these photos or videos to storyboard to edit them. Here, you also can drag and drop the music file to the storyboard.

Step 3. Edit your slideshow.
MiniTool Movie Maker can help you create photo slideshow with music. Whichever slideshow you want to make, you can easily complete this task with this easy-to-use and free slideshow maker. It is recommended to edit your slideshow to make it better.

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4 Steps to Easily Make A YouTube Video with Pictures


How to make a YouTube video with pictures?

Step 1. Download Free Windows Movie Maker
A lot of video editing software are now made available in the market which can help you create your own videos. However, most of them require payment. Windows Movie Maker, a free video editing software released by Microsoft, can help you create and edit videos as well as publish them on YouTube, OneDrive, Facebook, Vimeo, and Flickr.

Step 2. Import Media Files for Your YouTube Video
The first step of making YouTube video is to import pictures, videos, and music into Movie Maker!

Free Windows Movie Maker allows you to import videos and photos from Photo Gallery, a DVD, a digital camcorder or a smartphone to create your own video.

To add photos and videos that are on your hard drive to Movie Maker, you can click on the Add videos and photos button in the Home tab on the ribbon, and then browse media files you'd like to add.

To import photos and videos from a device connected via USB, you can press the File button from the upper left corner, and then select Import from device.

Next, click or tap OK when you see the message "Photos and videos will be imported into Photo Gallery".

Select the device you like to import photos and videos and then click Import button.

After that, you have two options: Review, organize, and group items to import, and Import all new items now. Now, you can select a suitable one according to actual needs to import media files.

Step 3. Add Some Special Effects to Make Your Own YouTube Video
After importing files, you can see them in the right Storyboard Pane, as shown below. Select the video or picture and drag it into the proper position within the timeline to change the order of these clips. Now, you need to style up your video to get the best result.

a) Split and Trim Video

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How to Add Pictures and Videos to Windows Movie Maker


Windows Movie Maker lets you create movies by using photos and videos imported from computer hard drive, Photo Gallery, a DVD, a digital camcorder or a smartphone.

Case 1. How to Add Pictures/Videos from Your Hard Drive to Movie Maker
Launch Windows Movie Maker to get its main interface.
Note: if you are using free Movie Maker in Windows 7, you can see this message "Click here to browse videos and photos" in the Storyboard Pane.

From the above window, you have 2 options to add video and pictures that are saved on your computer hard drive to Windows Movie Maker.

Click Add videos and photos button in the Home tab.

In the Add Videos and Photos window, locate and select the photo or video that you want to add. You can Ctrl click to select many files.

Finally, click on Open button to import files.
NOTE: You can also directly drag videos and photos from Windows Explorer to Movie Maker.

Alternatively, you can click any place in the Storyboard Pane, and then add your photos/videos to Windows Movie Maker.
After adding photos and videos, you will see your video clips in your Track in the Storyboard Pane.

Case 2. How to Add Photos & Videos from Photo Gallery to Movie Maker
Windows Photo Gallery (formerly known as Windows Live Photo Gallery) is an application for Windows that allows you to easily view, organize and edit your pictures with a simple interface.

As we know, once you import your photos and videos, they'll appear in Photo Gallery. Now, you can add your media files from Photo Gallery to make your own video. However, how to complete this task?

The steps are:

Open Windows Photo Gallery by clicking Start > All Programs > Windows Photo Gallery.
Select videos and photos you'd like to send to free Movie Maker.
Click on the Create tab and then choose Movie.

Your selected files will now be opened in a new project in the best free video editing software. At this time, you can begin to create your own movie.

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In a bizarre incident, Andhra Pradesh man dies watching Avengers Infinity War


A 43-year-old mason worker died while watching Avengers Infinity War at Cinehub Multiplex theatre in Proddatur town in Andhra Pradesh’s Kadapa district on Tuesday. Say no more? Like, every other fan like us, the theatre staff thought that Baasha was probably waiting for the post-credits scene!

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Sanju Trailer Released, Ranbir Kapoor’s portrayal of Sanjay Dutt is creepily perfect


There are many films which are eagerly awaited by the public to be released this year. But the most awaited one is undoubtedly the Sanjay Dutt biopic which stars Ranbir Kapoor as the most controversial actor. And much to the excitement of the fans, the teaser of the Raj Kumar Hirani directed film is out and we just cannot keep calm.

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How can you save money on shipping


If you are using ExtraShip for shipping, then you are already saving your money. ExtraShip provides best tips & tricks to save money on shipping Here's a look at several factors business owners should consider ahead of time before shipping their products to customers: Match delivery requirements and fees for common shipments. Related: Three Tips to Avoid Costly Shipping Mistakes.

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Born with a silver spoon, these celebrities are from a non-filmy background


While there are ones who have followed the footsteps of their parents and walked into the world of Bollywood, there are also those who are not from the usual filmy background. Here, I present to you a list of popular celebrities whose family had nothing to do with Bollywood. However, they were not at all ordinary before entering the world of glamour and grace.

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'Padmavat' controversy continues, fails to get green signal in Gujarat and Hyderabad


After a grand trailer launch of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s next venture, ‘Padmavati’, film critics assured that the film is going to do marvellous in the box office. Starting from the looks effortlessly carried by the cast to the locations and sets, this Rs.300-crores movie didn’t really prove to be appealing for many people residing in the states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and MP.

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