The Best GParted Windows Alternative: MiniTool Partition Wizard


GParted, a free partition editor Windows, can graphically manage your disk partition on the computer running Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X. However, it is not good for resizing and moving partitions. Many Windows users give the feedback: it always takes fairly a long time to extend an NTFS partition. Moreover, after resizing the system partition or boot partition, the system will be unbootable without repairing Windows.

In this case, to use a GParted alternative for Windows for managing disk partition will be a wise option. Is there one free partition manager for Windows better than GParted? Of course. See the following content.

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Quickly Fix: We Couldn’t Update System Reserved Partition


Nowadays, Windows 10 is very popular. Hence, many users go for Windows 10 by upgrading from their Windows 7 or Windows 8. While most of these users successfully make the upgrade, some users fail to do it and receive “we couldn’t update system reserved partition” message. What does this mean?

In fact, this error can happen if one of the following situations is true:
>>The file system of the system reserved partition runs in error.
>>Not enough free space is found on the system reserved partition for the upgrade.

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How to Create and Delete EFI System Partition in Windows


What Is EFI System Partition

The EFI system partition (ESP) is a partition on a data storage device (like HDD/SSD) that is used by computers adhering to the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). EFI system partition usually takes about 100/200MB disk space and is usually formatted to FAT32. It’s really small but basically without that partition your computer wouldn’t know how to boot.

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Solved - USB Drive not Showing Files and Folders


I could see my USB drive in File Explorer, but I could not see my files stored on this drive. Simply put, USB Drive is visible but content is not! Why? Have you ever encountered the same issue? Do you know how to solve the issue: USB drive not showing files and folders?
Generally, USB files not showing but space used is one of the main reasons for data loss disaster. This problem might be caused by various factors such as mistaken deletion, hidden files, wrong file system, and virus invasion, etc.
Part 1: USB drive files are hidden
Connect your USB drive to PC.
Right-click Start button and then choose Control Panel.
Click Appearance and Personalization.
Under File Explorer Options, click Show hidden files and folders.

file explorer options
Check Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended).

show hidden files
Click OK button.
Alternatively, you can use CMD to unhide files.
② Unhide files by using CMD while USB not showing files and folders
Press Windows + X to open the Power Users menu.
Click Command Prompt (Admin).
Type diskpart, and press Enter.
Type following command:
attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*

Type Exit and press Enter.

Part 2: Virus/Malware attack your USB drive
Step 1: Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery. This professional data recovery software offers 5 data recovery modules to deal with different data loss scenarios. Here, to fix USB drive is visible but content is not, you are recommended to choose Damaged Partition Recovery.
damaged partition recovery
Step 2: Select the USB drive, and then click Full Scan button to scan the whole device, and analyze every byte on the USB drive. Before scanning the device, you can specify needed file systems and file types by clicking the Settings feature.
full scan

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How Do I Transfer Files from USB Drive to PC


Now, almost everyone has a USB drive because it is easy to carry and it has large capacity. Sometimes, we need to transfer our USB drive files to PC to make a backup in case of any accidents or to release more free space. And, most of us may use the “Copy and Paste” or “Cut and Paste” method to transfer files from USB drive to PC. However, some users reported that their data and files are lost after transferring.

The good news is that MiniTool Partition Wizard, a free and professional partition magic developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., can help you easily and quickly transfer files from USB drive to PC because of its Copy Disk Feature and Copy Partition feature.
Copy Disk can copy all partitions and data from one disk to another in several steps.
Copy Partition is designed to copy all data information from one partition to another without any data loss and in simple operations.

You can choose a suitable one according to actual needs to transfer your files from USB drive to PC. No matter which one you choose, you can directly complete this process because MiniTool Partition Wizard not only offers wizard-like interfaces but also provides detailed operating prompts. Even a new user can easily copy files from USB drive to another disk without damaging the original data as long as he or she uses MiniTool Partition Wizard.

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I Tried These Ways, and I Removed Write Protection from USB


Today USB drives are used in all aspects of our life. As USB drives usually have a small size and huge capacity, we use them to keep backup copies, to transfer files among different computers, to create bootable media, etc. However, users who often use USB drive may have encountered such error when trying to format the USB drive or copying files to USB:

“The disk is write protected.”

If your USB drive is write protected, what should you do? Here I give you some suggestions to have a try.

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How Do I Clone Disk in Windows 7/8/10


As we know, we not only install operating system, programs on our hard drive but also store our personal data on hard drive. Once our hard drive is damaged, we cannot access our data, and even cannot start computer normally. Therefore, more and more users choose to clone their hard drive in case of any accidents. But, how to clone disk in Windows 7/8/10? Is it possible to clone Windows disk without paying a dime?

If you don’t know how to effectively and quickly clone disk for free, then you have come to the right place. MiniTool Partition Wizard, a free, professional and green partition magic developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., is recommended here. This tool offers Copy Dis feature to help you easily clone hard drive without worrying about data loss. Besides, considering many modern humans don’t want to spend time learning a new program, MiniTool Partition Wizard not only offers wizard-like interfaces but also provides detailed operating prompts. It’s hardly an exaggeration to say that even our grandmother can quickly clone disk with this professional partitioning magic. More important, this tool is compatible with almost all operating systems including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and so on.

Before cloning disk, you should connect a new hard drive to your computer, and make sure this drive has large enough to hold all data on source disk.
Download Free MiniTool Partition Wizard from its official website, and then install it on computer according to prompts.
Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard, select the disk which needs copying, and then click “Copy Disk” from the left action panel or toolbar.
Then, you will be given detailed operating prompts. Follow the wizard to complete the task of cloning disk.

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How Do I Restore SD Card to Full Capacity


Want to restore SD card to its full capacity?
Want to restore memory card capacity back to full size?
Want to restore USB drive capacity back to full?
Here are 3 solutions to help you restore memory card or USB dive capacity back to full size.

1. Add the Unallocated Space to SD Card
Launch free MiniTool Partition Wizard, select the partition which needs extending and choose "Extend Partition" from the left action panel.
Choose the unallocated space from the drop-down list of "Take Free Space from", then drag the sliding handle rightwards, and click "OK" to continue.
Finally, click “Apply” button to perform all changes.

2. Diskpart can help to restore its full capacity.
 Open up the command prompt window.
 Type list disk and hit Enter.
 Type select disk [drive letter] and press Enter.
Type select partition [volume number] and press Enter.
 Type clean and press Enter
 Type create partition primary and press Enter.
 Type exit and press Enter.

3. MiniTool Partition Wizard can help to restore its full capacity with ease.
In general, MiniTool Partition Wizard can directly add the missing space to the existing partition, or recover lost partitions, or reformat this drive. To be specific:
 Launch MIniTool partition Wizard.
 Select the existing partition and click Move/Resize Partition.
 Add the missing space to the existing one.
 Click Apply to perform all changes.

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How Can You Do Cut Photo Recovery with Ease?


When you copy some photos from one drive to another, the original items will be kept in their original location unless you delete them then. However, if you choose to use “Cut + Paste” commands, the photos will be deleted from the original path. Thus, there will be a risk like this: photo lost in cut and paste for some uncertain reasons. In this situation, is it possible to do cut photo recovery?

Actually, if you have a piece of professional photo recovery software, you will be able to recover photos lost in cut and paste in an easy and effective way.

In this post, we think you should try MiniTool Photo Recovery.

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How To Deal With Micro SD Card Not Formatted Error – Solved


Micro SD card, formerly known as Trans-flash Card (TF card), is invented by SanDisk Inc. and primarily used for portable data storage devices like mobile phones. While enjoying the convenience of the micro SD card, people also need to bear the consequences of its damage. For instance, there's a hot topic – micro SD card not formatted, which indicates that the memory card is recognized by the computer as not formatted.

The problem is most of the micro SD cards running into SD card not formatting error are actually formatted and worked well before. The error occurs suddenly and people need a practical method for recovering files from micro SD card not formatting urgently. Can't find the right way to perform micro SD card data recovery, so many people are stuck in the awkward situation and need others to pull them out.

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