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How Do I Recover Photo from Formatted SD Card for Free

What should we do if we mistakenly formatted our SD card? Can we recover data after formatting SD card? What's more, is it possible to effectively recover photos from formatted SD card free?
In general, if you want to carry out memory card photo recovery without paying, you had better choose a piece of free yet professional photo recovery software. MiniTool Photo Recovery, a green, free and professional photo recovery software developed by famous software development company based in Canada, is recommended here, for its clean interfaces and straightforward wizards can lead us to do photo recovery without any difficulty.

Step 1: Install MiniTool Photo Recovery on computer according to prompts, and connect SD card to PC.
Step 2: Launch MiniTool Photo Recovery to get its main interface, and then click Start button to start photo recovery.
Step 3: Select the SD card and then click Scan button which is located at the lower right corner.
Step 4: Select all needed photos, and then click Save button and tap Browse to select a suitable place to store them on a safe place.

See! It is very easy to recover lost photos from formatted SD card via MiniTool Photo Recovery because of its excellent performance, high security and simple operation.

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Best Solution to Repair Common Virtual Disk Service

When using diskpart to management disks and partitions, probably you will encounter virtual disk service errors. Today we are talking about some typical ones as well as how to fix diskpart virtual disk service error.

Virtual Disk Service error: Clean is not allowed on the disk containing the current boot, system, pagefile, crashdump or hibernation volume.

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Centralized Logging: A Big Data Challenge

Centralized Logging can be a challenge but if implemented and executed correctly, can prove to be invaluable for an IT infrastructure. Big data has been a buzzword thrown around a lot since past 4-5 years. A lot of companies use it for showing they are aware of the latest technology trends are in sync with the latest happenings.

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Strict Transport Security in ASP.NET MVC

HTTPS is the core mechanism for accessing web resources in a secure way. One of the limitations of HTTPS is the fact that the user can manually provide a URL which doesn't contain the proper schema. In most cases, this will result in the application sending a redirect response which will tell the browser to re-request the resource using HTTPS. Unfortunately, this redirect creates a risk of a Man-in-the-Middle attack.

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Yes, You Can Recover Data From Mirrored Volume Quickly Now

Are you familiar with this? What will you do if it is you who lose important files saved on a mirrored volume? As far as we know, a lot of computer users have had the experience of losing data after power failure, but not many of them happen to lose data stored on mirrored volume. Today, we'll talk about how to recover data from mirrored volume.

Most people know that mirrored volume is one type of the dynamic disk volumes, but only a few of them know exactly what a mirrored volume is and how to create a mirrored volume independently. More importantly, when a file is deleted accidentally from a mirrored volume, can you recover your deleted file? Or after you formatted a mirrored volume, is it possible to recover data off a formatted drive?

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How Do You Recover Data From VMware Disk – A Comprehensive Guide

Simply speaking, a virtual machine (VM) is actually an emulation of a computer system in computing; it provides all the functions you can use on a physical computer, on the basis of computer architectures. At present, virtual machines like Vmware are widely used in the computer field for testing new applications, experiencing other systems and other purposes.

Yet, just because of the widespread of VMware, errors like Vmware disk file not found emerge frequently. This may drive users crazy since they may have stored a lot of important files here & don't have time to make a copy of them, or they may haven't finished testing till now. In this case, they will be eager to recover data from VMware disk by using safe ways.

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Rate Parity Performance

The degree of rate parity for hotels in Europe in RateGain's Feb 2017 report. Where does your City Stand? 3 – Star Hotels: 8 cities had less than 10% of hotels in Parity out of a total of 11 cities surveyed 4 – Star Hotels:10 cities had less than 10% of hotels in Parity out of a total of 12 cities surveyed 5 – Star Hotels

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ionic mobile app development

IONIC is one of the most promising HTML 5 mobile application, We have highly experienced developers that create IONIC apps with IONIC creator. Contact us at, With offices based in India and UK, the company offers scalable services for all major technologies.

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Increase profitability using VoIP Call Center Solutions in less efforts

Call centers are no longer what they used to be. They have undergone revolutionary changes over the past years. With the advent of the VoIP call center solutions, they are no more suitable for just entry-level staffing solutions as was the idea before. Instead, they are fast spearing into the field of customer satisfaction using this smart technology.

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Recover Files From Dynamic Disk In Windows, The Definitive Guide

At present, dynamic disk is widely used on personal computers and servers. It provides many features that a basic disk can't provide, such as the ability to span multiple disks and fault tolerance. In other words, dynamic disk offers better management flexibility, breaking the conventional storage limitations. No wonder there are so many people prefer dynamic disk to basic disk.

While using or managing volumes on the computer, you can't be too careful. Even though, mistaken deletion problems still occur frequently. When people realize it's a huge mistake, they'll be eager to know whether it's possible to recover files/partition from dynamic disk; is that right?

Therefore, we'd like to provide solutions to help people recover files from dynamic disk in Windows completely.

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