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Live DataStage Training By Real-Time Experts

Experience the Realtime implementation of DataStage projects by exploring different features of Data Warehouse Life cycle, Data Modeling for Data Warehouse, Data stage project Administration, Resource estimation, FTP stage. etc

What are objectives and learning outcomes of this course?

With this course, you will be equipped with the in-depth knowledge of IBM Datastage and Administrator. You will learn the deployment process of ETL project. You will learn the development, debugging, extraction and design implementation processes. This course also provides the best practices in Datastage that professionals would need while using Datastage in a real-life scenario.
From this course you acquire the following

Overview of Datastage, Data Warehousing lifecycle, Data modeling concepts
Learn about DataStage Components, DataStage Director, DataStage Designer
Understanding Parallel Palette, Parallel Job Stages, Information Analyzer
IBM WebSphere Qualitystage, Key Service, Scheduling and Reporting overview
Gain knowledge on Data Modeling and Optimizing Job Performance
You should execute a real-time project based on the comprehensive course curriculum
You will get to know the related jobs and job trends in the industry

Our Training is designed & imparted in a systematic manner by the industry-expert trainers that makes it very easy to acquire and expand Datastage skills quickly. We create highest quality HD content with live examples & provide complete guidance during & after the training is over. So, you can start working in this field once you complete the training successfully.

Who should do this course?

Datastage is being used by most of the world’s top multinationals. Datastage professionals are earning very high salaries when compared with other technologies. With a number of job opportunities in Datastage, the following people will get benefited from this course

IT professionals working currently
ETL developers

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How Can You Resize Windows Server 2016 Partition?

As for many computer users, it is a headache when the disk partition is running out of space. As is well known, the hard drive on the computer is used to save various files. However, after using the PC for a period of time, you may find the disk space becomes smaller and smaller. Even Windows tells you low disk space warning, advising you to free up some disk space for your partition, especially C drive. When your partition is not enough for data storage, you try your best to resize increase partition size, but you don’t know what the best solution is. If you are a Windows Server 2016 user, what should you do? Don’t worry. Here, I will show you my actual experience – how to resize Windows Server 2016 partition without any data loss.

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How to Merge C and D Drive into One in Windows 8

How to merge C and D drive if you have such demand?
Usually, there are 2 ways to combine partitions in Windows 8. The first one is to employ reliable partition manager, and the second one is to use Windows Disk Management utility. Let's talk them one by one.
Partition manager is always the first choice when it comes to merging C and D drive. If you do not know which one to choose, we suggest using the free partition manager - MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition - because it is not only free but also is capable of doing this job well. To use MiniTool Partition Wizard, we should first of all download it from the official site.

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How to Recover Videos from Corrupted SD Card

Can we recover lost videos from corrupted SD card? What's more, is it possible to recover corrupted SD card videos and other data without damaging the original data?
MiniTool Power Data Recovery, developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., is recommended here because of its excellent performance. More importantly, Power Data Recovery is a read-only tool. Thus, by using this professional data recovery software, we can recover lost data with zero damage.
We can effectively, completely, and safely recover corrupted SD card videos within 3 steps.

Step 1. Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery, and then select Damaged Partition Recovery or Digital Media Recovery.
Step 2. Full scan the corrupted SD card.
Step 3. Save all needed files.

This read-only tool not only can recover videos and other data from corrupted SD card, but also can recover data from formatted SD card with ease.

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How to Move Windows 10 to A New Hard Drive

Windows 10 indeed already has improved booting time compared to previous versions Windows. However, with time goes by, you will find your computer runs slowly because of low disk space or other reasons. Therefore, more and more users want to transfer their Windows 10 to a new hard drive or SSD.
NOW, the question is: How to move Windows 10 to a new hard drive?
Are you looking for a way to move Windows 10 to a new hard drive?
Fortunately, MiniTool Solution Ltd., a professional development company based in Canada, released a piece of professional, simple and free partition magic – MiniTool Partition Wizard, and this tool can help to easily and quickly move Windows10 to a new drive or SSD without damaging original data. What’s more, by using this tool, you not only can move Windows 10 but also can move other operating systems like Windows 7/8, Windows Vista/XP, etc.

MiniTool Partition Wizard offers 2 excellent features to help you move OS from a regular hard drive to another new hard drive or SSD.
Copy Disk: it can back up all partitions and data from one disk to another within several clicks.
Migrate OS to SSD: it can move only OS or all hard disk from one drive to another in several steps.

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Here Are Three Ways to Fix Windows 10 Reset Stuck Issue!

As is well known, Windows 10 has become the newest Windows operating system and it is used by many users for quite some time because of its merits. However, in this world, no operating system is perfect, is it right? Windows 10 is not an exception. While using the Windows 10 computer, quite a lot of users complain that the OS has some bugs leading to diverse complex problems in PC, but it is hard to solve these problems.
Once the computer encounters boot issues, for the most part, most Windows 10 users choose to reset Windows 10 to fix some problems. However, the operation is easy to fail, for example, Windows 10 reset stuck issue happens. This is quite a hot topic. On the internet, you will find many related searched results, saying Windows 10 reset stuck at 99%, 66% or resetting your PC stuck at 1%.

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How to Format SD Card to NTFS? Try Partition Manager Now!

As you know, SD card is a new type of storage devices based on semiconductor flash memory device. Due to its advantages, such as small size and fast transferring speed, it is widely used on the portable devices, including digital cameras, personal digital assistants (PDA), multimedia players and so on. Usually, the capacity of SD card can be from 256MB to 2TB. In file system, all USB flash drives and memory sticks adopt FAT32 by default to get the better compatibility.

However, during the process of using an SD card, you will find FAT32 file system is not able to meet your needs. If you need to store large files or folders to your SD card partition, you probably fail to do this operation. Do you know what the reason is? As a matter of fact, it is because of the limitation of FAT32 – it doesn’t support the file larger than 4GB. Therefore, in this case, to format SD card to NTFS should be a choice.

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How to Recover Deleted Google Photos Easily and Effectively?

If you delete photos from your Android phone directly, the deleted items will not be wiped from the Android device immediately until they are overwritten by new data. Before this, you can use a piece of dedicated Android data recovery software to retrieve the deleted photos from your Android device directly.If you delete photos from Google Photos, the deleted files will be moved to "Trash", and these deleted photos will be kept in "Trash" for 60 days as long as you do not remove them. In these 60 days, you will still have the chance to get the deleted Google photos back from "Trash".

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How Can You Recover Formatted Photos from SD Card Easily?

SD card photo loss issue may happen accidentally. For example, you format the SD card unexpectedly, and of course, you will lose all the files on the SD card including your photos. If these formatted photos are important, is it possible to recover formatted photos from SD card?In general, after formatting, the photos will not be wiped from your SD card immediately. At first, the spaces they occupy are just marked as empty, and any new data can be written. If these spaces are overwritten by new data, the deleted photos will become unrecoverable. Before this, you can use MiniTool Photo recovery to recover photos from formatted SD card.

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How Do I Recover Deleted Pictures from My Mac Easily?

However, if these pictures are deleted from your Mac permanently, they are still recoverable before they are overwritten by new data. In this situation, you need to use a piece of professional Mac photo recovery software. Here, we recommend you to use MiniTool Mac Photo Recovery to recover deleted Mac photos.

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