Pros of Software as a Service (SaaS)


Software as a Service (SaaS) is presently one of the best services serve by Cloud computing. It is software archetype in which applications are hosted, regulate, and stored in the service provider database. The recognition of SaaS has grown at speed over the last decade and shows no signs of slowing down. In this article, we have recorded the pros of SaaS for your business operations.

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How To Create Plugin In OctoberCMS Development Service


As a name suggest “Plugin” is a software add-on (i.e. Set of code to achieve some specific functionality) that is installed onto a program, enabling it to perform additional features.

In OctoberCMS Plugins are the foundation for adding new features to the CMS by extending it.

To enable third-party developers to create abilities which extend an application
To support easily adding new features
To reduce the size of an application
To separate source code from an application
To create new plugin for OctoberCMS you must have to follow below steps:
Directory Structure
Registration file
Supported methods
Basic plugin information
Routing and initialization
Navigation menus
Version History
Plugin version file
Extending with events

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What Is MBR2GPT Disk Conversion Tool in Windows 10 V1703?


If you have installed Windows 10 v1703 or the later OS on your computer, you can use MBR2GPT.exe to finish disk conversion from MBR to GPT. Now, let’s learn what this tool is.

To be specific, this tool can be also known as Windows Creator’s Update which firstly appears in Windows 10 v1703 build 15063. As a command line tool, it locates in the System32 folder. If you need to use MBR2GPT in Windows 10 v1507, 1511 and 1607, you must run it from Windows 10 v1703 or the later OS to perform an offline conversion. By means of it, you are able to change MBR to GPT without any data loss in WinPE or the full Windows 10 operating system.

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HTTP Live Streaming


HTTP live streaming, also known as HLS, has become a golden thread that binds thousands of technology-centred companies across the world. HLS is a protocol underpinned by adaptive bitrate technology and is the most used live streaming framework in the world. Amazingly, HLS supports an array of live streaming frameworks, so whether you’re big or small, tall or wide, chances are, HLS will fit right into your technology stack. If you’re on your way to building your stack, we suggest picking a turnkey framework. StreamNow, a live streaming technology developed by Streamhash, is a cost-effective, superlative framework that can fit into your core technology and also plug into an HLS streaming server.

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How to Backup Operating System Windows 10


More and more users want to backup operating system Windows 10 in case of any accidents. But, how to backup operating system Windows 10?
Now, if you are still worried about Windows 10 backup, you can try using MiniTool Partition Wizard to backup operating system. It not only can backup Windows 10, but also can backup Windows 7, Windows 8 and other operating systems. Besides, it offers 2 excellent features (Copy Disk as well as Migrate OS to SSD/HDD) to backup operating system.
Migrate OS to SSD can migrate partitions required to boot Windows while the copy disk feature clones the entire hard disk.

Here, we take the feature of Migrate OS to SSD/HDD for example:
Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard, and then click Migrate OS to SSD/HDD in the toolbar.

Choose a suitable method to backup operating system.

Select a new disk to save to copy of the operating system.

Choose a copy option.

Read a popup note.

Apply all changes.

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How to Fix a Bad Partitioned Disk without Damaging Data


For users who are not familiar with disk partition management, they are likely to partition their hard drives bad. Usually, they cannot estimate how much disk space each partition requires to save specific files. After a period of time, each partition is filled with more or less files. For the partition that keeps increasing used space, it is easy to become red partition bar. For the partition that slowly increases data, more disk space is wasted. Hence, there is a necessity to repartition hard disk.

But how to repartition a hard disk without damaging data? I will give you the best suggestion.

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How Do I Recover Formatted Drive Data


What do you do if you mistakenly format your drive containing massive important data?
Now, try the following 3 steps to recover formatted drive data.
Step 1: Select Damaged Partition Recovery in the main interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery.
Step 2: Select the formatted hard drive, and then full scan it.
Step 3: Check all needed files, and save them on a safe place.

Why do you pick MiniTool Power Data Recovery for formatted hard drive data recovery?
1. Excellent Performance
In general, as long as the data has not been overwritten and data loss is not caused by hardware failure, you can recover them by using this professional tool.
2. Simple Operation
MiniTool Power Data Recovery offers wizard like interfaces as well as simple operations. Thus, even our grandmother can easily use it to recover formatted drive data.
3. High Security
Now, as long as you use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover lost data, you don’t need to worry about data leakage for it is a read-only tool.
4. Warm and Attentive Service
MiniTool Solution Ltd. provides 7×24 hours tech. support via email. If you have any questions or need our assistance, you can send your email to support@minitool.com.

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Why Extend Volume Greyed out and How to Fix It?


While doing hard drive maintenance in Windows Disk Management, you may find that Extend Volume is greyed out in some cases. Here is a picture showing this situation:
What cause Extend Volume Greyed out? Here I list the most common factors.

For Basic Disks:
1. The partition you want to extend has other file systems instead of NTFS and RAW file system.
2. There is no continuous unallocated space behind the primary partition you want to extend or no continuous free space behind the logical drive you want to expand.

For Dynamic Disks:
1. There is no unallocated space on all dynamic disks.
2. There is no continuous unallocated space behind C drive.
3. No continuous unallocated space is located behind mirrored volume, striped volume, spanned volume, and RAID volume, or continuous unallocated space is located behind only one segment of these types of volumes.

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Welcome iOS 11- What’s New for Developers


Learn more about what's new with iOS 11 Development and what considerations you should keep in mind when updating your app for iOS Developers.An innovative approach is one of the most powerful ways to survive in the highly competitive information technology domain where today’s technology becomes obsolete tomorrow.The Cupertino Company knows this fact very well, and therefore, it comes up with several innovative features accompanied with a seamless performance in every new variant of iOS.

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Is online booking system more convenient as compare to conventional booking engine?


QuadLabs provides online booking engine for hotels, holidays and other land products for travel agents, flights booking software, tour operators, business travel, aggregators, etc and Connect with QuadLabs channel partners to know more about QuadLabs products and services being offered.

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