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Disable right click on web page

Sometimes it is required to prevent your web page images from being copied by another one. You can secure your images by disabling right click or by disabling image context menu on images only. This is an effective approach to prevent your images from being copied or stolen.

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Payroll Software Products Chennai

Find best Payroll Software Products Chennai Gurgaon at affordable price,Payroll Software Products Chennai Gurgaon. Payroll processing is a procedure that happens in all companies, be it big or small. In most companies this process is done manually, which can be quite tedious and time consuming too.

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Top Mobile App Development Company in Toronto

iMedia Designs is a Toronto based mobile app development company. Our mobile app development services include custom mobile app development, native iOS app development, native android app development etc. At iMedia Designs, we design and develop the best app that is user engaging which will help you get more visibility and potential customers through the app.

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How to Get Contacts off Android Phone with Broken Screen?

If you want to retrieve contacts from broken phone directly, you should use a piece of dedicated Android data recovery software. Actually, there are many Android data recovery tools on the internet. Which tool should you trust? In this case, we think you had better choose MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android since it is specially designed to extract your Android data including deleted and existing ones.

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Hurry To Get Files Off Failing Hard Drive On Mac With Great Tool

A failing or already failed Mac hard drive is definitely a nightmare for all Mac users since few people don't store important data on hard drive. Yet, the bad news is that you can easily get a failing or failed hard drive. This is why Apple and Microsoft both add a built-in backup application to help users keep an updated and exact copy of files saved on the hard drive.

However, some people think it's troublesome to make a backup & keep it updated, so they refuse to enable the backup function; others just think their hard drive works great and hard drive crash will not happen to them, so they do not attach any importance to data backup. Well, when a hard drive suddenly becomes abnormal, people start to regret. But this is not helpful at all!

How to get files off failing hard drive on Mac should be the first thing people think about when getting a failing or failed hard drive. You must be wondering if there is any hope of recovering data from failed Mac hard drive. To be honest, things would be much easier if the failed hard drive is an external one; you can connect this corrupted hard drive to another Mac computer which works great to see what happens. Yet, you also don't need to behave like ants on a hot pan since we'll provide four practical ways to recover data from failed Mac hard drive.

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AIM or DCIM: Which is Right For Your Needs?

In this competitive age, where organizations are fighting neck-to-neck to be on the top, even a slightest change in productivity can make a lot of difference in terms of profit and loss. To remain competitive in the market, businesses need to continuously look for new, innovative approaches that can strengthen their efficiency level.

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See! I Can Free Recover Mac Photos with Ease

Is it possible to easily, and safely recover Mac photos for free?
Now, I am going to show you 3 free solutions to help you recover lost photos on Mac.
Solution 1. Recover Mac Photos from Trash
open Trash to get its main window, and then right-click the desired file and choose "Put Back".
Solution 2. Recover Mac Photos from Time Machine
Click Time Machine in the Dock.
Find the files to restore.
Click Restore to recover the selected file.
Solution 3. Free Mac Photo Recovery Software Restores Lost Photos on Mac Free
In general, we can easily recover lost photos as long as she turns to Free MiniTool Mac Photo Recovery, for its simple interfaces and straightforward wizards can lead her to go through all steps without any difficulty.
Step 1: Download and install MiniTool Mac Photo Recovery, and then launch it, and finally click Start button to start photo recovery.
Step 2: Select the device you want to recover and then click Scan button, located at lower-right corner.
Step 3: Preview all photos, select needed photos, and then click Save button, and finally click Browse button to store selected photos on a safe place.
MiniTool Mac Photo Recovery is a wise choice for us to recover lost photos on Mac for free. It scans Mac hard drive and other storage devices without destroying any data.

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Why Both Mobile Website and Mobile App are Important for Business Prosperity

Check out how mobile website and mobile application can turn the fortunes of your business and why you cannot simply ignore either. You will be surprised to note that with each passing day the percentage of web traffic from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is increasing at a rapid pace. Currently, it stands at 25% of all web traffic.

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WordPress Website Development for Small Business

Marketgoal is a digital marketing company which has expertise over mobile app development services such as HTML5, iOS, and Android App development. We foremost like to analyse your requirements and then work accordingly. We are known to provide tailor made solutions to our customers. In case you have any doubt which mobile app platform to choose; we will also help you to get the right one. So, your are just a call away from the company which can make your business go mobile.

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8 Web Design Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2017

What trends are you fond of? If you’re stuck in the past, it will help you let go and embrace the future. Here sharing some website design trend which will in trend in 2017 and beyond. Web Design is one area where you can see a lot of creativity and the web...

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