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USB Device Not Recognized! How to Recover Its Files?

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is one special data recovery software which has four recovery modules – This PC, Removable Disk Drive, Hard Disk Drive and CD/DVD Drive. This software can be used to recover different kinds of files like photos, videos, Word documents, and more.
If you want to recover data from USB flash drive not detected on any computer, you need to use the Removable Disk Drive module.

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How to Fix Cannot Create Partition from Unallocated Space?

Why you cannot create partition from unallocated space? This post will give you the explanation and give you the solution to this problem.Have you ever met this problem when you want to create partition from unallocated space? A computer user has asked for help on the Internet since he has suffered the partition error when he wanted to create a partition from unallocated space.

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How to Add Transition to Video with Windows Movie Maker (Beginners)

Do you know how to add transition to video in Movie Maker to make your slideshow or movie look good and impressive?
Step 1. Open your project. Select the clip to which you want to add a transition. After that, you will find that a blue highlight square will appear around it, as shown below.
Step 2. Click the Animations tab.
Step 3. Click the More drop-down list button, which bears a horizontal line over a downward-facing triangle, to display additional transition effects, as shown below.
Step 4. Click the desired transition effect that you want to add to the selected clip. After that, Movie Maker will add the transition between the beginning of the selected clip and the end of the previous clip. And, the clip in the timeline will have a washed-out diagonal region, as shown below.
Step 5. Export video with transitions.

After you add transition to video, you can do some other editing tools. For instance, you can add texts, visual effects, and other effects to your video to enhance as well as complete your movie. And, finally, export your video.

Useful Article: How to Add Text to Video in Windows Movie Maker (Step-by-Step Guide).

You have 2 options to export video:

1. Save your movie in PC, Phone, and other devices.

Click the Save Movie menu located at the right of the Share section to save your movie on your computer with the recommended setting for this project.

Or, you can click the arrow to choose a different setting.
2. Share your movie on Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, OneDrive and other platforms from Windows Movie Maker.

Navigate to the Home tab in the Movie Maker interface.
Select the desired social media site.
Select the resolution of your movie. (Movie Maker recommends a quality best for each site.)
Sign into your Microsoft account and authorize the social media site.
Finally, publish it.

Change or Replace a Transition

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Two Best SanDisk Clone Software – MiniTool Products

Do you know how to clone files and data to a SanDisk hard drive easily? MiniTool provides two kinds of best SanDisk clone software for you.Do you know how to clone to SanDisk SSD without data loss? Actually, MiniTool offers 2 best SanDisk clone software which enable you to clone disk perfectly.

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4 Ways to Fix This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine 7600/7601

On the desktop of your computer, you may find a message saying:

“Windows 7

Build 7601

This copy of Windows is not genuine”

In fact, this issue always happens in Build 7601 and 7600. And you can see the wallpaper is converted into the black screen. More seriously, this issue may have an influence on the computer performance. This is annoying.

In this following part, we will give you 4 helpful methods to fix this problem in Windows 7.

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Adobe Project Rush: All-in-one Video Editing Software

On June 19, 2018, Adobe video family give us a sneak preview of a brand-new product: Project Rush.

All-in-one Video Editing Software

Adobe is working on a new video editing software called Project Rush that brings three tools - Premiere Pro, Audition and After Effects - together in one place.

The built-in camera functionality of Project Rush helps you take pro-quality video on your mobile devices.

You can go from shoot to showtime in record time. The all-in-one Adobe video editor offers simple tools for color, audio, motion graphics, and more, thus you can easily edit your video. And finally, directly share it from the app to your favorite social channels.

Cross-platform Video Editing Software

Project Rush, all-in-one video editing software, works on your phone, tablet, and desktop.
With this new all-in-one yet cross-platform video editing software, you are able to edit your video wherever you want without losing creative flexibility because your work automatically syncs to the Cloud.

For instance, you edited video in your computer this morning. Now, you can move to an iPad or laptop for further editing while on the go. Actually, the original files would remain on your PC. But, proxies will be automatically generated, so you can easily further edit your video while on the go. You not only can export video from mobile device but also can export the originals from computer.

"It's an identical product with the same features on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. You can jump back and forth and it automatically synchronizes," said Steve Forde, general manager of emerging products at Adobe.

Welcoming & Intuitive Interface

The main interface of the all-in-one as well as cross-platform Adobe video editor contains 3 parts.

The preview window, along with playback controls like play, pause, fast forward, and rewind, takes up the top third of the screen.

The timeline is in the middle.

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6 Effective Solutions to Windows 10 Restore Points Missing

Windows 10 restore points missing or gone, it means that you can’t restore computer to previous state. restore points missing issue can be solved in this article. System restore points can help you to roll back to previous Windows state. But how can you do that when Windows 10 restore points missing?

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Android Application Development Company

Get custom android application development services in UK, Europe. Hidden Brains' android app development team provides a unique quality concept to help your business. As a leading Android App Development company, we offer high-quality Android Application Development services.

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Select the Best MADP Platform Suitable for Your Business

Mobile App Development Platforms (MADP) are an all-inclusive group of tools that allow businesses to rapidly build, test and deploy mobile apps. With an increasing need for mobile apps by businesses, enterprises are relying on MADP for speeding up the pace of development.

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Vue.JS Development

Mindinventory provides the best vue.js development services to build front-end, single-page applications. Hire Vue.JS experts for delivering the best quality front end applications.
Get the best Vue JS development services by our experts for delivering high quality front-end applications.

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