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Get the Alternative to Dell Backup and Recovery Windows 10 for Backup

In the Dell computer, there is a program called Dell Backup and Recovery (DBaR), helping to protect important documents and memories. And it was preloaded in Windows 7 and Windows 8 Dell devices before April 14, 2016. But after upgrading to version 1.9, this application is only used in the upgraded Windows 10 systems.

However, you may find it is no longer free for Windows 10 system backup. If you upgrade your OS to Windows 10, you will see the following figure, telling you to upgrade Dell Backup and Recovery to the Premium Edition to create a system backup.

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Custom ERP Software Solution Pumps in Productivity & Profitability for Manufacturing Industry At a Fast Pace

For any manufacturing industry, the real challenge lies in streamlining business operations across all its departments, especially because it is a progressive and in-demand industry zone, world over. The single solution that can bind all these functionalities together is a robust and scalable Mobile ERP solution.

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Ticket Confirmed or Not Confirmed – Predict with IRCTC

Technology has transformed many aspects of life, especially the way many of us make train reservations. Until the late 1980s, Indian Railways ticket reservations were made manually. In late 1987, Indian Railways began using a computerized ticketing system, after which the system went online to provide current information on status and availability.

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Why an MVP is Important Part in Mobile App Development Cycle

The Minimum Viable Product can be considered as the base architecture of any mobile app. Find out the benefits that MVP offers in mobile app development process.
As an entrepreneur, you have taken a right decision to develop a mobile app for your business enterprise and stay ahead of the competitors. However, there always remains an apprehension whether your app will be successful or not.

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3 Ways to Download ASUS Drivers for Windows 10

When it comes to the drivers of ASUS for Windows 10, a huge volume of drivers may cross our mind, such as Smart Gesture, ATK Package, Audio, Bluetooth, WLAN, LAN, Graphics, Card Reader, USB Charger+, BIOS and more. For example, without the touchpad driver, our ASUS Smart Gesture cannot work well. So how to download drivers for ASUS is of great importance. In this article, I will explain to you three ways to download drivers for ASUS of Windows 10.

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Cloud-based ERP vs. Web-based ERP – What are the Key Differences?

Manufacturers often get confused while finalizing between Cloud based or Web based ERP for their companies. The reason is lack of understanding about the two. What they neglect is the key differences between the two based on the concept, functionality, cost, size, and scalability. BatchMaster helps you clear the mist over the web-based and cloud-based ERPs with the help of this blog.

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How to Split and Trim Video in Windows Movie Maker (with Pictures)

How to Split Video in Windows Movie Maker
Step 1. Open the video in Windows Movie Maker. Watch the video and make a note of where you want to split your video.

Here, for instance, I have imported video from my camera to free Movie Maker. The single video is shown as one continuous icon in the Storyboard Pane on the right side. I want to split my video into 3 small parts and then remove a small clip. I note down as follows:

00:00 – 00:08.50 OK

00:08.50 – 00:18.37 Remove

00:18.37– end OK

Step 2. Drag the Vertical Line in the Storyboard Pane till the Current location in the Movie shows 00:08.50.

Step 3. Once the Vertical Line is dragged to the desired place, click the Edit tag under Video Tools, and then click on the Split button.

Now, you can see 2 icons in the Storyboard Pane of the best free video splitter software. The first icon is the first 8 sec of the video and the 2nd icon is the rest of the video.

Step 4. In the Storyboard Pane, choose the video point where you want to split (or drag the Vertical line till 00:18.37), right-click the video clip, and click Split feature from the drop-down menu.

Note: if you mistakenly split video, you can press the Ctrl +Z to undo this change.

Now, you can see this long video has been split into 3 small separate sections. At this time, you can edit separate videos as you like and drag and drop to move their locations.

For instance, if you want to remove the unwanted clip in Movie Maker, you can right-click the portion of the footage you no longer wish to use, and then choose Remove button from the drop-down menu to delete the selected clip. For more information, please see Part 3-some useful tips.

How to Trim Video in Windows Movie Maker
In addition to the Split feature, Windows Movie Maker also offers another excellent feature – Trim tool to help you trim your awkward laugh out of the beginning or pull out short highlights from a filmed sporting event.

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How Do I Backup Windows 10 to External Hard Drive with Ease

Backup Windows 10 to external hard drive is no longer a difficult task. Try to use the professional backup software – MiniTool ShadowMaker.Nowadays, computers may be crashed accidentally due to system failure, virus attack, hard drive damaged and more.

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How IoT is changing the future of the retail industry

The Internet of Things like the other industries has been a boon for the retail industry and the future of this sector seems to be very bright.
With the advent of IoT, the retail industry has gotten much-needed impetus to enhance sales. Virtual internet connectivity has already gained ground as it is transforming a number of industries, thereby changing the traditional landscape. IoT helps you establish a connection with various physical objects, electronic devices and sensors, where information and data can be shared without any need of human interaction.

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Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training

Rainbow Training is best corporate level training for Oracle Fusion Financials Training. Rainbow Training Institute is well known for providing all Kinds of Oracle technologies through online and it is stepping forward in providing best Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Noida, Delhi, USA, UK, UAE, Saudi, Europe, India, Canada.

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