How to advertise on our website?

1. Ads (text and banner ads) managed by Google Adwords.

If you want to advertise on EzySpot youwill need to sign up for Google's
"AdWords" programm and then set up a new campaign that targets using their "Site targeting" formula. 

Next you can to run text or banner ads (or both!) on our website.

Once logged into "Adwords" advertisers can start a new campaign that specifically targets
EzySpot and then simply set a "max CPC"  that is, the maximum price they're willing to pay for every click ( or "max CPM" for thousand impressions)


2. Banners

Leaderboard 728x90 banner (non rotating)


GIF, JPEG, 50k (maximum) file size


Banner 125x125 on sidebar



GIF, JPEG, 40k (maximum) file size


Banners are available sitewide or any category

Banners are nofollow.  Prices are fixed per month for unlimited viewing and click throughs!

Ads must be compliant with Terms 


3. Text Links

Text links on homepage (max 35 characters) 

Cost: $29/mo

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