Internship –The Key to a Job in Financial Services

Finance is a vast field that deals with understanding how money is related to factors like time and risk. There are various branches of finance – Managerial Finance, Personal Finance and Corporate Finance. Financial economics, financial accounting, experimental finance and quantitative behavioural finance are some of the emerging fields of study under Finance.
Career options are aplenty for finance students. You can work as a financial analyst, trader, compliance officer, quantitative analyst, portfolio manager, financial planner, insurance representative, public accountant, a banker, internal auditor et cetera.
Financial services industry can be classified as follows –
Corporate Finance – As the name suggests, this field of Finance deals with managing the working capital, prepare financial strategies and financial statements and also play an important role in the events of mergers and acquisitions.
Commercial Banking – It includes a wide array of financial services that banks offer i.e. savings/current account, loans, investments et cetera. Bank teller, loan officer, banking operations, marketing banking products and over a time with experience, overlooking branch’s operations as a branch manager or a chance to get exposure to international finance are some of the career options available to students interested in commercial banking.
Investment Banking – One of the most coveted and demanding career option for the finance students. It includes dealing with issuers of securities, mergers and acquisitions professionals or the trading desk, which trades stocks, bonds and other securities in the secondary market.
Hedge Funds – A highly unregulated market that presents most valuable investment opportunities if executed at the right time and with the right strategy at place. Financial analyst, trader, compliance officer, portfolio manager et cetera are some of the career options.
Financial Planning – Deals with helping people plan their investments keeping in mind their goals and requirements. Goals and requirements change as people age, with increase or decrease in disposable income along with the risk appetite. Certified Financial Planners (CFP) is what you should aim to be if you are keen on becoming a Financial Planner.
Insurance – Finance and Insurance go hand in hand. Jobs in this sector specifically deal with risk – educate people about various risks and help them choose what’s best for them. You can start as a sales representative or an actuary.
Public Accounting – One of the most popular and sought out by students. A public accountant generally deals with keeping record of transactions, prepare and audit financial statements, prepare and audit income tax returns et cetera.
As an intern you will learn cost analysis, various options of investment and analysing them, financial operations, prepare periodic reports, budgeting and financial planning, assist with trade reconciliation, exposure to trading floor, thorough research on regulation changes, carrying out audit, review policies and procedures et cetera depending on the company you are interning with, timeframe of the internship and also at work will be your qualifications, knowledge and the will to learn new things.
An internship with a global company will give you the much needed experience that employers seek. Employers prefer a candidate who have the basic knowledge of the Industry and the technical know-how. An international internship will give you a lot of exposure when it comes to getting to know the industry and its people. This is a perfect time to network and build professional relationships. Taking up projects, both at the firm you are interning with and at college will go a long way in clearing your concepts and building a strong foundation on which you can build a successful career in Supply Chain & Logistics.

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