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So you have chosen to take the road less travelled? Or more as nowadays number of students opting for artistic and creative fields are on the rise. If you are fascinated by movies, actors inspire you, stories move you and you often imagine yourself, whether facing the camera or behind it, then an internship in the Film industry is just what you need - whether you dream of being the next superstar? Or be the one calling the shots from behind the camera? Or there is a script in your mind that you feel will entertain the audience? Whatever your dream, an internship in the Film and Media will feed your creative soul!
Students wanting to intern in the Film and Media should ideally have completed a degree from a film school and/or have t his/her credit short courses or diploma in filmmaking and acting. This industry, although glamorous, requires a lot of hard work, dedication, focus, willingness to learn and unlearn and therefore you need to be ready fully understanding that it will demand a lot of time and attention on your part. You need to be reliable and responsible and someone who can work with little or no supervision in order to learn and grow fast. Patience and perseverance are other two very important characteristics you should possess if you want to be part of Film and Media Industry.
An internship will typically start with giving you a fair idea of how an Industry works and what role will you play in the big scheme of things. Editing, sound recording, video production, cinematography, film production, direction, film production design, set design, animation, visual effects, copywriting, learn to make theatrical trailers and film promotions, line production, assistant directors, writing screenplays et cetera are some of the examples of the areas you could intern.
An international internship in the Film and Media industry will expose you to new and creative ways to look at a scenario while giving you a hands-on experience of how it feels to be a part of such a dynamic and glamorous industry, what it takes to make the movies and programs you love watching or become a fan and follow it regularly. You will also have a chance to network with imminent professionals from the Industry, attend various events and workshops and assist your mentor in his/her day to day activities.
PursueAsia, in collaboration with some of the best media and entertainment firms, can help you realize your dream of interning in the Film and Media industry. Your hard work and determination to perform well while you studied at college and a willingness to learn and grow while you intern will help you achieve your celluloid dreams. Make the most of career and what will work best per your interest as you discuss various opportunities with us. Upon successful completion, you will not only have credits added to your coursework, you will have also gained a network of interns and professionals from the industry you want to pursue your career in. A good network paves way for professional development and growth.

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