Three necessary elements feed additives should have

Feed additives means small or trace substances in animal feed production and using process. The amount of feed additive used in feed is small, but have significant effect. Feed additives is an essential raw materials in the modern feed industry. And they have significant effects in strengthening the basis of nutritional value, improving animal performance, ensuring animal health, saving feed cost, promoting the quality of livestock products and other aspects.
Currently, feed additives species applied to aquaculture is various, only a single feed additives raw materials have hundreds of species. additives approved in the US are over 300 kinds; European Economic Community for more than 250; Japan 114 species. According to the difference of the species of livestock and poultry breeding, production and other objects and growth stages, each kind of feed contains about 20 species to 60 species of feed additives.
With the development of feed additives industry,and increasing of feed additives species, if these feed additives are all suitable for feeding animals? As feed additives, they should have three necessary elements.
First of all, it must be safe, because all animal products will eventually enter the food chain, if feed additives are unsafe, it directly affect the safety of animal food, furtherly, affect human health.
Secondly, regulating animals endocrine, making the animals reach to the optimal growth state, and promote growth, which is the effect that feed additive should have, for instance, DL-Methionine.
Thirdly, enhancing animal immunity and resistance to disease, reducing the incidence, it is an important way to solve the aquaculture farming difficult.
The above three points is a basic requirement for modern aquaculture feed additives.
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