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You must have heard about the free video editing software Windows Movie Maker. As one of the world's most popular free video editor, Movie Maker can help you easily and quickly create a movie with your videos and photos. Unfortunately, this tool has been laid to rest.
To be quite honest, Movie Maker is a good choice for us to make a movie. It is a free video editing software. It offers clear interface. It provides some special effects to help you complete your movie.

Movie Maker was indeed once the world's most popular free video editor, but it has been laid to rest after many years of distinguished service. Although we can still get this tool from some websites, the software won't receive any security updates to fix newly discovered vulnerabilities. For instance, sometimes, users will receive this “Windows Movie Maker cannot save the movie to the specified location” error message when they are saving files.

Don’t worry! There are some Movie Maker alternatives available that are more powerful and easy to use.

There are a lot of video editing software on the market. Here, MiniTool Movie Maker, all-in-one video app coming soon from MiniTool® Software Ltd, is the best free alternative to Movie Maker. This all-new video editing software can help you make and edit videos easily and quickly.

Why Choose MiniTool Movie Maker
1. Gives you movie templates to choose

The target audience for MiniTool Movie Maker is the average video creator who is looking to get professional-looking results quickly and easily. The best Windows 10 Movie Maker alternative offers wizard-like interfaces to help you easily create a movie. More importantly, this software offers movie templates. You only need to select a suitable movie template like love and then import your files including pictures as well as videos. After that, you will get a cool movie with your own media files. Of course, if you don’t like some details of this video, you can edit it before saving. To be honest, even our grandma can easily create a wonderful movie with this software.

2. Gives you (tons) of flexibility with movie effects

Transitions: MiniTool Movie Maker offers a range of more than 100 transitions to help you create a video. (For digital video, the transition can be more visual and obvious such as fade-outs, wipes, dissolves and fades or other visual effects.) The best Movie Maker alternative offers a collection of clean and modern graphic transitions that would suit many video projects from the creative to commercial.
Effects: In order to make your movie more beautiful and outstanding, MiniTool Movie Maker offers a lot of effects to help you complete your movie. For instance, you can change the shape of your clip, and you can change the color of your clip, etc. Of course, the steps are very easy. You just need to select the clip you want to change, then select the desired effect template, and finally drag it to the selected clip.
Text: We hear you on those tired, old, inflexible title templates. The best free alternative to Movie Maker provides a lot of wonderful text templates. Besides, MiniTool Movie Maker offers titles, captions and You can apply a suitable text template to your video. For instance, if you are making a love movie, you can choose a title about love, and then change the word.
Animations: In addition to the basic features like transitions, effects, and text, MiniTool Movie Maker also offers animation effects to help you complete movie.
3. Helps you work in simple track

As we know, many video editing editors always offer multiple tracks to let users edit and create a cool movie. For professional users, they like multiple tracks. However, the vast majority of users need to learn more professional knowledge about editing video if the video editor contains a lot of different tracks. Here, fortunately, MiniTool Movie Maker offers a simple and clean video track, as well as a soundtrack to help you create a cool movie easily.

4. Empowers you to edit video easily

The best Movie Maker alternative not only helps you easily and quickly cut a large clip into smaller sections without losing any frames in the process but also makes you remove unwanted frames from the start or end of a clip.

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