How to Add Subtitles to YouTube Video Easily and Quickly


In daily life, captions are everywhere to be seen as you watch drama series, movies, mv and YouTube videos. For most of us, captions help us understand video content better. But for some people, watching videos with subtitles become an essential part of their life.

Why subtitles become so important? Why need to add subtitles to YouTube video? Have a look at the following reasons.

According to World Health Organization, over 5% of the world’s population (around 466 million) has disabling hearing loss. Subtitles can be the only way for them to grasp the detail of video and engage in video and enjoy it.

Living in the age of information explosion, people tend to quickly view videos without sound. Only when they find some interesting videos, they are tending to play videos with sound to learn more. So how to identify which video content is interesting? Of course, the importance of subtitles can’t be ignored.

As a world-famous video-sharing website, YouTube has billions of users from all over the world. When you want to attract people to view your video, the language barrier would be a big problem. Therefore, add YouTube subtitles in multiple languages can’t be better.

Especially for those people who want to learn languages through your YouTube video. Subtitles help them learn languages faster.

Sometimes, even if native speakers are watching their dramas, they may feel confused about some dialects in dramas or these actors speak too fast. With captions, they’ll understand them better.

If you add subtitles to a video, your target audience will increase, such as people who have hearing loss or hard of hearing. Moreover, the captioned video will engage the attention of viewers.

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