Top 5 SSDs for Gaming to Cut Down on Loading Screen


Solid state drive (SSD) was composed of control unit and storage unit. SSD is exactly the same as HDD in terms of interface specification and definition, function and usage. Besides, the shape and size of SSD are also similar to HDD.

SSD is widely used in military, vehicle, factory control, video monitoring, network monitoring, network terminal, electricity, medical, aviation, navigation equipment and other fields.

In the game industry, both PC and console games require higher image quality. Of course, the loading time of game becomes a common issue for player. Therefore, many players spend much money on CPU and graphics card. The former calculates game data, while the latter output screen rendering. But SSD makes the loading speed of games up to a new level.

When loading games, the drive would generate plenty of data. Compared with SSD, HDD read/write speed is relatively slow, making loading time longer. During the loading process, numerous HD textures and big scene change require higher performance drive.

Therefore, HDD is not the best option for gamer. Especially when you load games, the loading screen could be the most bothering thing in the world. Although SSD would not change the frame rate, due to its fast reading and writing performance, it makes your game loading faster than HDD.

As there is no mechanical motor and fan, SSD reads faster which shorten the loading time and runs without noises. In addition, when running a big game, the wider temperature adaptability of SSD can ensure a more fluid experience.

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