[Solved] How to Find and Delete Duplicate Files on Windows?


Do you know that there are duplicate files on your computer? Perhaps, you know it. But, you think it is an annoying thing to find out the duplicate files and then delete them one by one. Or perhaps you don’t know it and you are surprised when you hear this thing.

Why there are duplicate files and is it safe to delete duplicate files? You can find the answers from the following contents.

Why There Are So Many Duplicate Files on Windows?
Duplicate files on a computer can happen for many reasons, most of which are even legitimate. Here, we collect some common reasons:

From Installed Programs

Usually, it is a legitimate situation.

For example, program A and program B use the same library of shared code. But, when you install them on your computer, they will install the library in their specified location respectively. So, when you uninstall program A, program B can still work normally, otherwise, program B can be damaged.

Besides, you may have updated some programs several times. Not all files are changed in each update. Some of these programs still keep their previous installed files after an update. This can also generate some duplicate files.

Of course, there are some other situations like the applications that are organized to include some duplicate files; the system that you use to monitor your websites, videos, and other information needs to use a duplicate copy of every file under its control to quickly detect changes locally.

Is it safe to delete these duplicate files?

These duplicate files are reasonable. To make sure the normal running of your Windows and the installed programs, you should not delete these duplicate files.

From Windows Protections

Windows has created some duplicate files on your computer hard drive to keep the system safe.

For example, Windows use System File Protection to monitor system files for unexpected changes on your computer to make sure that the system can run normally. When it detects changes, it can restore files from the duplicate copies.

Besides, the Windows.old folder is always saving a copy of the previous operating system. Some files in this folder are unchanged from version to version. These files are also duplicated files.

Is it safe to delete these duplicate files?

These duplicate files are also reasonable. You’d better keep them for system protection.

From Your Actions

Some duplicate files are created by yourselves. For instance, you have saved the same videos, music files, photos, documents, and more to different locations. Usually, these duplicate files take much disk space on your computer hard drive, clutter up your drive, slow down your computer performance, and make it difficult to find your needed files among so many files: is it an updated one or the same one?

Is it safe to delete these duplicate files?

These files take muck disk space and slow down your computer. They can be treated as junk files. Of course, you need to remove junk files from your computer to free up disk space and speed up your computer.

Then, it’s time to find duplicate files and then remove duplicate files that are unreasonable (that is, the duplicate files created by yourselves).

We will show you how to find and remove duplicate files from your Windows 10 computer in the following part.

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