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How to clip YouTube video? YouTube clipper lets you split or trim YouTube videos. This post shows 5 YouTube clippers. MiniTool MovieMaker is the best desktop YouTube clipper for beginning users.
#1. MiniTool MovieMaker
MiniTool MovieMaker, a free video editor without watermark, is the best choice for beginners who want to clip YouTube videos. The best free YouTube video cutter offers simple and intuitive interfaces to help you easily split video, trim video, merge video, rotate video, etc. Any users can easily use this elegant video editing software, regardless of their skill level.

Besides, this free video editor lets you make YouTube videos with some excellent features, like video transition, video filters, animated text, etc.


It has an intuitive, user-friendly interface.
It is a free, simple, no ads, watermark-free video cutter.
It offers video templates including wedding video, travel video, etc, and a simple timeline, helping you easily make YouTube videos.
It can split/trim/merge video as well as audio files easily, and allows you to add music to video.
It offers cool and free video transitions, video filters and animated texts, thus you can apply these cool effects to your video.
It lets you rotate video, change video color, or apply 3D Luts to video.
This free video editor can help you change video quality, video bitrate, video resolution as well as video format. For instance, you can save video to audio file or make GIF from video.

To trim YouTube videos, you need to download YouTube videos at first.
It only supports Windows operating systems.
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#2. Windows Photos App
Windows 10 has a hidden video editor – Photos app. This tool can be used as a YouTube video clipper. After importing downloaded YouTube videos, you can quickly trim it. Also, the hidden Windows 10 video editor can create video with photos automatically, and then you can upload this video to YouTube.

#3. iMovie
Mac users can trim YouTube videos easily with a free video editor – iMovie. This free movie editor offers movie trailers and templates to help you create videos easily. iMovie also lets you split video, trim video, or crop video easily. And, you can share your final masterpiece to YouTube from this video clipper.

#4. Kapwing
Kapwing video trimmer is an online and free YouTube clipper that supports all sorts of video file formats, including MP4, 3GP, AVI, and more. It lets you upload videos from PC or enter a YouTube URL to trim or cut YouTube video to the perfect length. If you do so, you can enter the start and end of the video in the video editor to trim video online.

#5. YouTube Video Editor
Last but not least, YouTube has a built-in video editor that can help you trim or clip YouTube videos. Besides, this free YouTube clipper lets you erase or replace songs in your video, add an element to video, and blur video.

How to Clip YouTube Videos
YouTube clippers can split or trim YouTube videos. All of these tools can be divided into 2 parts: trim downloaded YouTube videos, and trim YouTube videos online. Next, let’s see the detailed steps on how to trim YouTube videos.

#1. Clip YouTube Video with Desktop YouTube Clipper
MiniTool MovieMaker, free, easy-to-use video editor, is the best desktop YouTube clipper. Try the following steps to clip YouTube videos.

Step 1. Import YouTube videos to MiniTool MovieMaker

Download and install the free YouTube clipper on your PC.

Launch this free video editor, and close the movie templates window to get its main interface.

Click the Import Media files button to import YouTube videos you have downloaded.

Drag and drop video file to the timeline.

Step 2. Trim or clip YouTube videos

Trim YouTube videos

To remove the unwanted beginning or ending parts of video, you can trim it. MiniTool MovieMaker offers 2 solutions to trim YouTube video.

Solution 1. Hang the mouse at the edge of the YouTube video clip, and drag the icon forward or backward to trim video.

Solution 2. Select the video, click the scissor icon on the toolbar and choose Full Split. Next, you can trim YouTube video frame by frame.

Split YouTube Videos

MiniTool video clipper not only can trim YouTube video, but also can split YouTube video into different parts.

To split YouTube video, drag the playhead to the point where you want to split, and click the scissor icon on the playhead.

Step 3. Export video

The last step is to export the video. MiniTool MovieMaker lets you save video on PC with different file formats including MP4, WAV, etc. You can also change the video quality, video bitrate, video resolution, etc.

MiniTool MovieMaker is the best YouTube clipper for beginners because of its simple operations. This free tool also contains some basic features to help you create and edit YouTube videos. By using this tool, you can add animated titles to video, rotate video, apply 3D Luts to video, merge video/audio files, etc.

#2. Clip YouTube Video with Online YouTube Clipper
If you just need to clip YouTube video without editing, you can try online video cutter, like YouTube built-in video editor. Let’s see how to trim YouTube videos without installing software.

Step 1. Go to YouTube, sign in your count. It is recommended to use Google Chrome.

Step 2. Click your avatar at the top right of the screen, and select YouTube Studio (Beta).

Step 3. Click Videos on the left of the screen.

Step 4. Find the target video you want to trim, click the title of the video, and click the Editor button.

Step 5. Click Trim, and drag the blue bars to set the start and endpoint of the video.

Step 6. Save the trimmed video.

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