10 Epic Funny Text to Speech Messages &Trolls for Discord


How to Create Funny Things to Make Text to Speech Say on Discord
Discord has a built-in text-to-speech function that allows users to find funny things to type in text-to-speech for amusement. How to use it:

1. Ensure the text-to-speech function is enabled on your Discord settings. Go to User Settings > Notifications > Text-to-Speech Notifications > For all channels or For current selected channel.

2. Make sure that the text-to-speech function is enabled on the channel or server you want to use. Right-clicking on the channel or server name > Edit Channel > Permissions > Text-to-Speech Permissions > Allow or Deny.

3. To use the text-to-speech function on Discord, simply type “/tts” followed by a space and your message. For example: /tts Hello everyone.

Check the guide for more detailed information about how to use text to speech on Discord.

10 Best Funny Text to Speech Messages and Trolls on Discord.
#1. The meow sound
#2. The lurl sound
#3. The at the rate (@) sound
#4. The firing AK sound
#5. The sprinkler pispspss sound
#6. The Indian Punjabi burrah remix sound
#7. The earthquake sound
#8. The mix rap sound
#9. The auanuanaunau.. sound
#10. The boats and planes sounds

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