How to Merge MP4 Files for Free | 3 Steps


Part 1. Merge MP4 Files Windows in 3 Steps
Step 1. Import MP4 files into this free video joiner.

Download and install MiniTool MovieMaker on your PC. It is a completely free video editing software without watermark, you can safely install it on PC.
Launch this free video merger app to get its main interface and import MP4 files.

Step 2. Drag and drop MP4 files to timeline

After importing files, you can find all imported files in My Album. Now, drag and drop MP4 files you like to merge to the video track on the timeline. All MP4 files will be played one after another automatically.

Step 3. Merge MP4 files

Click the Play button to preview the merged MP4 video. If you are happy with the result, you can click the Export button to save it. Give a name of this merged video file, and choose a path to store it.

In the format tab, MP4 is selected by default. You can change video format or change video resolution as you like. For instance, if you want to play the merged video file in iPhone, you can click Device and choose iPhone.

You also can change the quality of the combined video. This free MP4 joiner offers 3 options for you: best, better and good.

Part 2. Merge MP4 Files Mac in 3 Steps
To merge video files Mac, you can try iMovie. This tool lets you create storytelling movies and impressive videos in macOS and iOS. (Related information: iMovie for Windows.) You can merge video files and share them with friends on social media or Airdrop.

Now, let’s start merging video files Mac in 3 steps.

Step 1. Import MP4 files to iMovie.

Download and launch iMovie. Click File at the main menu and choose New Project to start a new iMovie project. Enter a name for the project and set the project settings for things like the aspect ratio.

Click File and choose the Import option. Then, choose the video clips that you want to combine in iMovie.

Step 2. Join the clips

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What to Do If Your Internet Access Is Blocked in Windows 10?


To protect your data and system, you may install an antivirus program on your computer or you use the built-in tool – Windows Defender since viruses, malware, and other malicious attacks are always threats to your computer.

These contemporary antivirus solutions usually offer cloud protection and firewalls. However, firewalls can block your Wi-Fi and prevent you from connecting to the Internet.

When using Google Chrome to visit some websites, you will get the following error message: “Your Internet access is blocked. Firewall or antivirus software may have blocked the connection.” The error code is ERROR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED.

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Try to Fix the Hosted Network Couldn’t Be Started Error


Hosted Network is a feature that was first introduced in Windows 7 and it is also supported in Windows 8/10 with the Wireless LAN Service installed. This feature is used by Connectify Hotspot to create its wireless access points.

That is, it allows you to share the Wi-Fi connection of your laptop or desktop with phones and tablets. Your computer has turned into a wireless hotspot.

However, when you set up a Wi-Fi hotspot in Windows 10/8/7 via Command Prompt, you get the following error message:

“The hosted network couldn’t be started.

The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation.”

Or “The hosted network couldn’t be started. A device attached to the system is not functioning”.

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What Is Video Bitrate? 4 Things You Need To Know


What Is Bitrate?
Bitrate (bit rate or as a variable R) is the number of bits that are conveyed or processed per second. The symbol of video bitrate is bit/s. In most environments, 1 byte consists of 8 bits.

Video bitrate is the amount of video data transferred for a unit of time. Usually, it determines the quality as well as the size of video/audio files. You have to make sure the data transfer quickly if you want to create a great video.

How Bitrate Affects Video Quality?
We will consider this issue in two aspects.

First, bitrate is the key measure of any video file size. But, using extreme high bitrate video will waste bandwidth. For instance, compared to 1000 kbps video, 2000 kbps video will consume double bandwidth.

Second, high bitrate means high video quality. When exporting the same video with the same resolution, using a higher bitrate will accommodate higher image quality in the video output.

If you choose a high resolution, more data will be processed, thus the bitrate should be expected to go up.

In a word, high video bitrate makes sure the video has excellent quality. Please note that a high bit rate will place a major strain on your hardware.

What Is The Best Video Bitrate for YouTube Videos?
Now, many users want to share their video on the largest video sharing site – YouTube. However, do you know the best encoding settings for your videos on YouTube?
Recommended Video Bitrates for HDR Uploads


6.5Mbit/s [24FPS, 25FPS, 30FPS]

9.5 Mbits/s [48FPS, 50FPS, 60FPS]


10Mbit/s [24FPS, 25FPS, 30FPS]

15Mbits/s [48FPS, 50FPS, 60FPS]

1440P (2k)

20Mbit/s [24FPS, 25FPS, 30FPS]

30Mbits/s [48FPS, 50FPS, 60FPS]


44-56Mbit/s [24FPS, 25FPS, 30FPS]

66-85Mbits/s [48FPS, 50FPS, 60FPS]

Recommended Video Bitrates for SDR Uploads

1 Mbit/s [24FPS, 25FPS, 30FPS]

1.5 Mbit/s [24FPS, 25FPS, 30FPS]


2.5 Mbit/s [24FPS, 25FPS, 30FPS]

4 Mbit/s [24FPS, 25FPS, 30FPS]


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What Is Hkcmd.exe, How to Disable Hkcmd Module and Fix Errors?


Hkcmd.exe, a part of Intel Common User Interface (a legitimate Windows system file that can be found in the C:\Windows\System32\ folder), is an executable file in a PC. This file is not a Windows system file and it can run at Windows startup without a visible window.

In short, hkcmd, known as hotkey command, is Intel’s hotkey interpreter. Typically, the hkcmd module is installed by Intel 810 and 815 graphics drivers.

Hkcmd.exe is designed to control video-related hotkeys, execute quick keyboard commands and access Intel’s customized graphics properties. If your PC has an Intel graphics card, you can simply press the proper key combination to perform several actions, for example, Ctrl + Alt + F12 can take you to Intel’s Graphics and Media Control Panel.

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Fixes for “the Device Is Being Used by Another Application”


HDIM, short for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, is used to connect multimedia interfaces. You can use HDIM cables to connect computer and video monitors, HD and Ultra HD TVs, digital cameras, camcorders, video projectors, etc. to your computer. If you want to watch various media on a big screen, HDIM cables are very helpful.

However, you may encounter problems with HDIM when connecting devices using HDIM cables. For example, there is no sound or you see an error message: “Device In Use – The device is being used by another application. Please close any devices that are playing audio to this device and try again”.

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Open Source Web Development


Shape up your business with simple, feature-rich, secure and scalable #OpenSourceDevelopment to improvise the efficiency of your Business.

Way2Smile is an award winning mobile apps development company in Chennai specializes in building Android and iOS mobile app solutions and projects. We have successfully completed 100+ mobile and web apps for over 8 years working for a variety of portfolios. Way2Smile have the top professionals employed in Android and iOS platforms to attend to all our client’s needs and then serve them with authenticity and time critical solutions. One of the core strengths remains to be in custom mobile apps developments accomplished on multiple categories like iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry phones.

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What If NMI Hardware Failure Blue Screen Error Occurs in Win10?


Blue screen of death (BSoD) errors often happen on your Windows 10 computer and today in this post, you will know a BSoD error regarding hardware.

On the computer screen, the error message says “your PC ran into some problem and needs to restart” and includes the stop code NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE or NMI hardware failure, as shown below. The corresponding error code of this error is 0x00000080.

NMI, short for Non-Maskable Interrupt, is a kind of hardware failure. You may get this stop code when the Windows driver is loaded, while Microsoft software is running, after installing new hardware or through Windows shutdown/startup.

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How to Edit MKV Files for Free (Step-by-step Guide)


MiniTool MovieMaker, a free, no ads, no bundle video editor, is a wise choice for most common users. This free editor not only can edit MKV files, but also can edit MP4 and other files.
Step 1. Download and Install MKV Video Editor Free
Download and install MiniTool MovieMaker on your PC. Next, launch this free MKV editor, and close the movie templates window to open its main window. This free tool is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7. Here, we take Windows 10 for example.

Step 2. Edit MKV Files with Basic Features
In the main interface of this free video editor, you can click the Import Media files button to import your MKV files or other media files you needed like music files. Drag and drop all needed files you want to edit to the timeline. Then, edit MKV files.

Feature 1. Mute the background noise

If your MKV file contains some background noise, you can easily remove it. Move your mouse to the video clip in the timeline, and click the music icon to mute the background music.

Feature 2. Rotate video

Whether you want to rotate a video 90 degrees or change a video from vertical to horizontal, MiniTool MovieMaker can help you. Double click the video you want to rotate in the video track and rotate it as your needs. Let’s learn how to rotate video.

Feature 3. Combine video

MiniTool MovieMaker lets you combine multiple videos one. To merge videos together for free, you only need to import your files, drag and drop them into the timeline, edit these files and save it.

Related article: merge MP4 files

Feature 4. Video transitions

MiniTool MovieMaker offers different types of video transition including diagonals, iris, page peel, reveals, wipe, etc. You can apply them in film or video editing to connect one shot to another. Click the Transition tab, select the transition you want to use, drag and drop it to the two clips in timeline.

Feature 5. Trim/Split video

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Solved – VT-x Is Not Available (VERR_VMX_NO_VMX)


What is the error vt-x is not available (verr_vmx_no_vmx)? What causes the error that vt-x is not available? How to fix the error that verr_vmx_no_vmx vt x is not available? This post from MiniTool will show you the solutions.When you are trying to open any virtual machines using VirtualBox or other similar software, you may encounter the error that vt-x is not available (verr_vmx_no_vmx). In general, the error that vt-x is not available may be caused by various reasons. In the following part, we will list some.

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