How to Rotate a Video Free? Different Ways You Can Try


How do I rotate a video?
How to rotate YouTube video?
How can I rotate a video in Windows 10?
How to rotate video in Windows Media player?

#1. Windows Movie Maker
Windows Movie Maker, a free video editing software, is also developed by Microsoft. This free tool is able to rotate video easily and quickly. Then, you can view the rotated video at the desired orientation in Media Player.

Try the following steps to rotate video free:

Step 1. Download Windows Movie Maker.
Step 2. Add the video you want to rotate.
Step 3. Rotate video free.
Step 4. Save video.

VLC is a free and open-source media player. It also can rotate video free. Try the following steps to rotate video in VLC.

Step 1. Open your video in VLC.

Step 2. Click Tools > Effects and Filters > Video Effects.

Step 3. Select the Transform checkbox and then select a rotation from the dropdown menu. Or, select the Rotate tool to rotate video in VLC. After that, click Close to exit this window.

Step 4. Save video.

MiniTool Movie Maker
If you are looking for a simple and effective way to rotate video in Windows Media player, you can try using professional software, like MiniTool Movie Maker.

Step 1. Download and install this software.

MiniTool Movie Maker is a beta version now. Subscribe now, and then you will receive the installing package as soon as possible. After that, install this free video editing tool on your computer.

Step 2. Launch and import files.

Launch MiniTool Movie Maker, and then click the Full-Feature Mode in the Template window to enter its main interface.

In the Template interface, you can choose a video template you like and import your files to create your cool story quickly.

Next, click Import Media Files button to import the video you like to rotate and drag this video to the storyboard.

Step 3. Rotate video as you like.

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How to Add Music to Video and Edit It for Free


In today’s world, you may hear music almost every day. When you walk on the street, you will hear music from many shops that play music to attract customers. When you go to the cinema to watch a film, you will hear music from the film from time to time. So why they add music to video? What're the benefits of background music?

Background music will help audiences feel more engaged when they watch videos.
Using suitable background music will enhance your video.
Background music can heighten the atmosphere, render emotions and improve the artistic quality of video products.
Listening to background music improves people’s mood and enhance their performance in creative works.
Listening to background music may remind you of something in your old memory.
Background music can attract more viewers to watch your video.
Do you like to listen to background music? Do you want to make your video more attractive? The next part will illustrate to you how to add music to video and edit on your computer and on YouTube.
To make audiences feel engaged in your video and increase viewers, you need to add background music to video now. Here introduce three ways to add music to video free. You can add music to video on computer and even on YouTube.

How to add music to video and edit it on computer
If you want to add suitable background music to video, a video editor is a necessity. Since there are many video editing software on the market, here recommend you a free video editor without watermark – MiniTool Movie Maker.
MiniTool Movie Maker is an easy-to-use video editing software for beginners. With it, you can trim, split your video and delete unnecessary parts. To enhance your video, it allows you to add transitions and effects to your video. Moreover, you are able to add titles, captions and credits to complete your video. If you want to create a trailer quickly, this tool also offers you some cool movie templates.

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3 LaCie Rugged External Solid-State Drives Has Been Announced


LaCie has released three LaCie Rugged external SSDs for videographers and photographers working on the go with full-sized media. This post will show some detailed specifications of these LaCie external hard drives. In addition, you can also use MiniTool software to manage the 3 LaCie Rugged external SSDs well.

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Full Solutions to Monitor Not Displaying Full Screen Windows 10


Many of you have reported that your monitors couldn’t display full screen when they play games. To be specific, a thin black bar appears on the side of the displayer, stopping it from going full screen. This issue always happens after upgrading to Windows 10.

On the previous operating system, you can play games very well. But the full screen issue occurs after installing an update. Why is monitor not displaying full screen in Windows 10? This is caused mainly by the video adapter driver or the display settings

So, how to full screen in the event of Windows 10 not using full screen will be a question. Now, let’s go to see some useful solutions.

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10 Command Prompt Tricks that Every Windows Users Should Know


Many people are familiar with Command Prompt. But few of them know that a lot of things can be achieved via the Windows Command Prompt. Today, loads of cool Command Prompt tricks will be talked in this post of MiniTool. Check out this post now!
Command Prompt is a command line interpreter application available in most Windows operating systems such as OS/2, eComStation, Windows NT, Windows CE, and ReactOS operating systems. It is also known as CMD or cmd.exe. With Command Prompt, you can troubleshoot or solve all kinds of Windows issues via commands, such as hard drive errors, system file corruption and so on.

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How to Edit Audio for Video – 3 Practical Skills


Why Need to Edit Audio for Video
The audio track of video can be a double-edged sword. Matched audio tracks can make the audience feel more engaged, while unmatched audio tracks would distract the audience’s attention. Here are some skills for editing audio in video.

How to fade in and fade out audio in video.
How to add your own audio on YouTube video.
How to change the background music in video.
How to Edit Audio for Video
There are three video editors helping you edit audio - MiniTool Movie Maker, Windows Movie Maker and Wondershare Filmora. With these video editing tools, you can edit your audio at any time. Even if your internet connection goes down, you can continue to edit audio for video.

MiniTool Movie Maker

MiniTool Movie Maker is an ease-of-use video editor. If you’re an amateur in video editing, this free tool will help you a lot. With its intuitive interface, you can create a cool video with ease. This video editing tool allows you to import video, music and picture in many formats.

Besides, there are a few templates to help you create a video in a few seconds, the only thing you need do is import media files you prepared.

For users, you can add audio to video, save your favorite clips of a video by trimming and splitting video, and fade in and fade music.

This tool offers many stunning transitions and effects, you can apply them to enhance the video. To make your video easy to understand, MiniTool Movie Maker also supports adding captions and subtitles to your video.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a free video editor published by Microsoft. You are able to add narration or your own audio to a video.

Windows Movie Maker supports triming and spliting video, adding transitions, effects and animations. This free tool also allows you to add titles and credits.

Moreover, it’s very convenient for you to upload video directly to video sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

Wondershare Filmora

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7 Useful Tips about How to Manage YouTube Channels


YouTube has hundreds of millions of users. As a member of them, you may find some distracting elements from YouTube as you enjoy watching videos (If you want to make your own video, try using MiniTool software - MiniTool Movie Maker). There are some situations you feel disappointed with YouTube.

There is an advertisement on the Home page and you accidentally click it. Sometimes, the advertisement could be a video that plays automatically, and you can’t turn it off.

When you finish watching a video, the next video from the sidebar plays automatically. Besides, you are not satisfied with these suggested videos, you want to remove it.

You find there are lots of unfriendly comments when you watch videos. You want to focus on video content, but those comments always catch your attention. To concentrate on video content, you may wonder is there a way to hide comments forever?

You are using YouTube for work and education, but you are distracted by all kinds of video. To improve work efficiency, you want to immerse yourself in work without distraction.

To solve this, all you need is a chrome extension – TF Tube (Distraction Free for YouTube™).

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Introduction to Rundll32 and Ways to Fix Rundll32 Error


Rundll32 is the acronym of Run Dynamic Link Library 32-bit. The genuine rundll32.exe file is an executable file on the hard drive of your computer and it is also a software component of Microsoft Windows. And you shouldn’t remove it unless it doesn’t locate at C:\Windows because runDll is a critical Windows component and a Windows command-line utility program.

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PHP Development Company


A PHP development company offers web application development services in all PHP frameworks. Best Custom PHP web development programming at an affordable cost. A leading PHP development company that offers web application development services in all PHP frameworks. We at logicspice offers high featured PHP application development services across the globe at cost effective cost.

PHP Development Services

Use of PHP gives you the ability to perform intricate functions with ease. The experienced and tested web developers at Logicspice are capable of handling any given situation and fulfill all the requirements posed by our clients. Being a top php web development company, we use an ideal combo of both PHP tools and features which provides your website all the essentials for optimized performance and high-end maneuvering experience.

Advance Web Programmers are experienced and proficient in their fields of expertise. We use the best available PHP technology to offer our clients an exceptional PHP web development service experience. Our developers are equipped with knowledge of major web framework like HTML, jQuery, CSS, mySQL, etc. With our PHP web development service, you will get the tools, resources, and skills that are needed to deal with the detailed framework requirements of a webpage. We promise you that with PHP, you will get maximum output out of reduced overall development cost.

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Is Windows 10 Stuck in Tablet Mode? Full Solutions Are Here!


In the Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft offers a feature that allows users with touchscreen-enabled PCs to touch the screen instead of using a keyboard and mouse to use the machines. This feature is called Tablet Mode.

That is, if you enable this mode, you can interact with your PC using its touch screen, just like a tablet. In Tablet Mode, you can see large buttons, a back button is next to the Cortana button and app icons are gone (can be seen in Settings).

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