Global Pediatric Proton Therapy Market Share & Forecast


Global Pediatric Proton Therapy Market has potential of more than US$ 700 Million by 2021. Rising pediatric cancer incidence and technological improvement to treat faster per patient will boost the pediatric proton therapy market globally.
Global Pediatric Proton Therapy Market & Forecast (10 Countries Market Data), Patients Treated is the 20th report published by Renub Research on Proton Therapy Market.

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Commercial Grade Allergen Air Filter For Residential Use


Todd Shafer has invented two types of home air filters. Antimicrobial and Allergen air filters to protect against allergens, airborne particles and contaminants, bacteria and other viruses. These air filters eradicate cold and flu viruses and made with TACKEM and sticky technology which is used by the Military and NASA to reduce household dust and allergens. These air filters sprayed with additional anti-microbial spray to kill bacteria as well viruses that cause upper respiratory infections. Todd Shafer’s air filters designed for maximum airflow for better performance and energy savings.

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Magento 2 Subscriptions and Recurring Billing


Are you looking to increase sales in your Magento 2 store? Here easily by accepting recurring payments and selling subscription products with the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension.Magento 2 subscriptions and recurring billing extension allows customers to purchase subscription products and set up recurring installments.

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Ingenious Ways To Create Audio Player With Ionic


Nowadays many applications are having other source of medium to show the information to the users other than text. For example, video and audio. In this article let’s focus on having audio player in your ionic application. An audio player for Ionic works with HTML5 audio or native audio using Cordova Media plugin. It creates an interface to the cordova-media plugin including a service that controls Media playback and directives to define the look and feel of the player.

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Extend RAID 5 Volume on Dynamic Disk in Server 2003/2008/2016


As you know, there are two disk types called basic disk and dynamic disk. Since Windows Server 2000, there is a concept of the dynamic disk and it can be managed in Windows Disk Management. Compared with the basic disk, there is an obvious feature: five dynamic volumes including simple volume, spanned volume, mirrored volume, striped volume and RAID 5 volume can be created on dynamic disk. In this post, we will introduce you RAID 5 volume in details.

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Global IP Video Surveillance & VSaaS Market (2017 - 2023)


The IP Video Surveillance & VSaaS Market is expected to attain a market size of $100.5 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 30.4% during the forecast period (2017 – 2023). IP Surveillance system has witnessed a wide adoption in developed regions such as North America and Europe. The developing market such as Asia-Pacific is also showcasing an inclination towards IP surveillance system, owing to rising security concerns.

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Benefits of Google Apps (G Suite) for Business


There are many reasons why you should use Google Apps (G Suite) for your business. If you are looking for productivity for your business, this is the time you should understand how Google Apps (G Suite) works. If you reduce the time in operation work, you can handle more business.

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How Your Digital Marketing Agency Help You Design Branding Strategy


You don’t know me: How your digital marketing agency can help you design an effective branding and marketing strategy. Branding has one purpose—effective and dynamic marketing. It creates a platform on which all other activities are built. It is the first step in a comprehensive program that your digital marketing company can create for you.

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The Production Process of Investment Casting Foundry India


Investment casting manufacturing is one of the most profitable manufacturing processes in this day and age. Investment casting foundry India claims that the manufacturing of steel for several uses in almost all aspect of life is one of the oldest metal working processes in the world.

This manufacturing process has not changed at all for over a hundred years and the industry is still growing at a rapid pace.

This process of metal working dates back to five thousand years ago. It was used to produce bronze and copper for pots, vessels, weapons and tools, gold jewelry and statues for decoration and personal use.

This process was created by ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt along with the Han Dynasty of China and the Aztecs.

There were several processes involved in the investment casting, such as:

•The lost wax casting was done with the use of bees wax for making a particular pattern while it was in liquid form.

•The wax was allowed to harden over time, away from the sun to get the best shape for the final casting.

•After the wax was hardened it was dipped in molten metal to have the final shape.

The earliest process recorded goes back to 1100 AD which speaks of a sculptor named Benvenuto Cellini molding a statue after the Greek Hero Perseus holding the head of Medusa.

Despite the process being old, it requires high tech advanced metal forming techniques that are bound to produce a higher quality and quality of steel and stainless steel parts. Investment casting is a one on one process that creates one wax per metal part.

Because it is flexible and ever changing there it can develop a lot of complexities that need to be solved in order for it to run smoothly. With the correct casting methods however a large amount of metal works can be produced in a short time.

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Live DataStage Training By Real-Time Experts


Experience the Realtime implementation of DataStage projects by exploring different features of Data Warehouse Life cycle, Data Modeling for Data Warehouse, Data stage project Administration, Resource estimation, FTP stage. etc

What are objectives and learning outcomes of this course?

With this course, you will be equipped with the in-depth knowledge of IBM Datastage and Administrator. You will learn the deployment process of ETL project. You will learn the development, debugging, extraction and design implementation processes. This course also provides the best practices in Datastage that professionals would need while using Datastage in a real-life scenario.
From this course you acquire the following

Overview of Datastage, Data Warehousing lifecycle, Data modeling concepts
Learn about DataStage Components, DataStage Director, DataStage Designer
Understanding Parallel Palette, Parallel Job Stages, Information Analyzer
IBM WebSphere Qualitystage, Key Service, Scheduling and Reporting overview
Gain knowledge on Data Modeling and Optimizing Job Performance
You should execute a real-time project based on the comprehensive course curriculum
You will get to know the related jobs and job trends in the industry

Our Training is designed & imparted in a systematic manner by the industry-expert trainers that makes it very easy to acquire and expand Datastage skills quickly. We create highest quality HD content with live examples & provide complete guidance during & after the training is over. So, you can start working in this field once you complete the training successfully.

Who should do this course?

Datastage is being used by most of the world’s top multinationals. Datastage professionals are earning very high salaries when compared with other technologies. With a number of job opportunities in Datastage, the following people will get benefited from this course

IT professionals working currently
ETL developers

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