why you must have a mobile friendly WordPress site [Infographic]


Gone are the days when mobile devices were just a medium of communication. The introduction of hand-held devices has made the Internet accessible to everyone, everywhere. Today’s mobile devices are quite advanced and therefore being used to perform a number of online activities. Consequently, mobile device usage has overtaken the desktop usage.

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Presidential debate: Hillary Clinton delivers


Hillary Clinton showed up at the debate of the century and delivered.
Donald Trump started out strong, then struggled. The Democratic and Republican nominees waged a fiery battle Monday night when they appeared on stage together for the first time -- a clash of two famous personalities locked in a dead heat for the presidency. During one of the most highly anticipated debates in modern political history, the candidates drew sharp contrasts on temperament, character and policy and starkly different visions of where they would lead the nation.

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Instagram is switching its feed from chronological to best posts first


The average Instagram user misses 70 percent of what’s in their feed, including great photos with tons of Likes and posts by their best friends. So today Instagram announced it will start rearranging the order of posts in its feed. Rather than strictly reverse chronological, Instagram will order posts “based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post.”

The testing will start out slowly; at least at first “all the posts will still be there, just in a different order.” But eventually, low-quality posts might be filtered out entirely.

The changes mean if you don’t check your feed until the next morning but a friend whose photos you usually Like posted something awesome the night before, it could appear at the top of your feed even if it is hours old. This is essentially how Facebook’s feed works, and how Twitter recently reconfigured its feed to work.


On the one hand, the relevancy-optimized Instagram feed will make sure you don’t miss great content even if you don’t neurotically check it all the time. You’ll be able to follow more accounts without worrying about them drowning out your favorites. And it will be easier to keep up with international friends who might normally post while you’re asleep.

At the same time, remixing the feed will make Instagram less useful as a real-time content feed because the most recent posts won’t necessarily be at the top. Users will have to worry about making their posts good enough to be chosen by the algorithm or their posts could be de-prioritized. And brands might lose the reach of a previously reliable marketing channel, the same way they did with Facebook Pages.

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Everything you should know about IPv6


IPv6 is an abbreviation for Internet Protocol Version 6. It is an upgraded version of IPv4. Before IPv6 was phased out, everyone was using IPv4 which has certain limitations. Internet Protocol technology is meant to number the addresses to each internet-connected computing devices.

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The Syrian people do not deserve what is happening in their country


Ali was clearing debris from a room that used to be part of a hospital. The ceasefire in Aleppo was still tentatively holding, and the 12-year-old boy was taking advantage of a lull in the fighting to carve out a new place to live. Shihan, a government-held area, used to be right on the front line; now, after years of fighting, it lies in ruins. Displaced people were moving into the bombed-out ruins.

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What Favors the Data Center Market Boom?


Automated and software-defined technologies will drive everything in the world, leave alone the software-defined data centers. These automated technologies will have minus the chances of manual error because they will be managed and controlled by the technology.

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Benefits of Geo-local Landing Pages


There are lots of advantages of geo-local SEO and the two important is, you target your customers who can access your service and you narrow your SEO competition to give your brand a better chance of coming out on top. And Geo-local landing pages ensure that you target specific customers in those areas and improve your site’s geo-local SEO rank.

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6 Reasons Australia is Amongst the World’s Safest Countries


Australia is one of the safest countries to live. Here are 6 reasons why. There are many misconceptions about Australia. What can be typically seen on TV are its dangerous wildlife, its vast landscapes of forests and mountains that are home to behemoth, endemic animal species - all perpetuating a hazardous environment.

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Dubai shopping Festival 2017 is set to Start Late in December


The grand shopping festival will begin a day after Christmas, that is from 26 December 2016, when tourist will be flocking Dubai during the holiday period, and will continue up to 28 January 2017. This mega show offers an array of events where the shoppers can shop, eat and relax to their heart’s content

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How DDoS Mitigation Works In a Data Center?


Usually, we take someone’s help when we land in some trouble. It is something similar with organization’s technical risk management. To protect compute resources from being infected with virus and malware, companies seek assistance from data center services provider delivering risk management services and DDoS mitigation is a part of data security.

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