Microsoft Is to Split up Search and Cortana in Windows 10


After Cortana started appearing on Windows PCs, it has been more than three years. Now, Microsoft may be exploring major changes to how Search is handled on Windows operating system.

According to Windows Insiders, icons for Search and Cortana in the Windows taskbar are separate on the latest Insider Preview build, which means a big change for Microsoft in strategy.

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Aerospce Helmet Mounted Display Market 2027


Aerospace helmet mounted display is equipment that displays targeting and aircraft performance information, such as airspeed and altitude, directly to the pilot. It enables continuous viewing of the outside world while maintaining a watch over the aircraft status. The helmet mounted display mainly comprises a mounting platform or the helmet, an image source, relay optics, and a head-tracker. Companies, nowadays, are focused on making new helmet-mounted displays that are small in size and weigh less, which will aid pilots during longer missions with reduced fatigue.

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Toshiba and Western Digital Are Ready for 128-layer 3D NAND Memory


3D NAND flash is a type of flash memory where the memory cells are stacked vertically in multiple layers, which can achieve higher density, lower power consumption, better endurance, lower cost per gigabyte and faster speed.

Since the advent of 3D NAND technology, particle manufacturers have been working on the stacked layers, starting with 32-layer, then 64-layer, 96-layer. At present, the most advanced technology is 96-layer 3D NAND.

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Solved - Twitter Video Won’t Play on iPhone/Android/Chrome (2019)


Twitter video won’t play on iPhone/Android/Chrome?
How to Fix Twitter Videos Not Playing on Android/iPhone
Here are 4 solutions to fix the issue of Twitter videos won't play on Android and iPhone.

Solution 1. Check Network
The poor network will cause Twitter video not loading on iPhone or Android.

If your videos won't play on Twitter app, you should first check your network. Connect it to an enough-signal-strengths Wi-Fi, and then restart Twitter to load videos.

Solution 2. Reinstall Twitter App
If there are some glitches with Twitter app, Twitter videos won't play on phone. It is recommended to uninstall Twitter, then reinstall it, and load videos again.

Solution 3. Update Twitter App to the Latest Version
Sometimes, the reason why videos won't play on Twitter app is that your phone may not support the current version of Twitter app anymore.

Download the latest version of Twitter or update your iPhone to the newest iOS system, and then load Twitter videos again.

Solution 4. Launch Mobile Phone Browser to Check
If you encounter the Twitter video not playing Android and iPhone issue when visiting www.twitter.com on your phone, you can try cleaning all cache and cookies and then restarting phone to load Twitter videos.

Note: please be careful when cleaning cache and cookies since they store much information.

For instance, to clear the cookies from Safari on your iPhone, you need to go to Settings, select Safari, and tap Clear History and Website Data.

How to Fix Twitter Videos Not Playing in Chrome
Here are 8 solutions you can try when you can’t play Twitter videos Chrome.

Solution 1. Switch Browsers
If you can’t play videos on Chrome browser, you can switch to Firefox or other browsers to see if it works fine. If you can watch video successfully in Firefox, please keep reading to find how to solve this issue in Chrome.

Solution 2. Restart Chrome Browser

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Use Best Ghost Image Software to Ghost Windows 10/8/7. Here Is Guide!


Ghost imaging (namely backup), means a software-driven data backup process that copies the data of a computer hard drive in an individual compressed file, referred to as an image. The ghost image copies all the contents to another hard disk or server for storage including configuration, applications, settings, and so on.

The purpose of the ghost image is to enable a quick restore of a system or offer data restoration support. In a nutshell, the ghost can include two aspects: system ghost and data ghost.

As you know, system breakdown happens from time to time due to computer virus, manual errors, Windows update, and so forth. Thus, it is really of great sense for you to come up with a good solution to ghost Windows 10/8/7 operating system.

This is the most efficient way to protect your PC from an unpredictable disaster. In the event of a system crash, you can easily restore the PC to a previous state, reducing downtime and saving lots of time than OS and applications reinstallation.

Besides, files are easy to get lost or deleted. So, you also have a need to ghost your important files to another place for data recovery.

How to ghost a computer? Get the answer from the following part.

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Top 5 Fixes to Error Loading Operating System Windows 10/8/7/XP


Many users reported that they encountered the error loading operating system issue when trying to boot from their Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10 operating system. How to fix error loading operating system Windows 7/8/10? This article will provide you with 5 solutions.

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Magento Vs WooCommerce : Which is Best Platform for You?


WooCommerce Vs Magento is a question with no one answer. It is more of a personal choice of a user. Each platform outperforms the other in several different aspects. Magento vs WooCommerce - Which one is Better? - Find out which tool is better with a detailed comparison of woocommerce & magento.

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Web Werks soon to launch One Hundred Thousand Square Feet AI Powered Data Center in Delhi NCR


Web Werks plans to strategically deploy its new upcoming state-of-the-art Infrastructure in Delhi NCR Region. With a scalable deployment up to one hundred thousand square feet in floor space, this would be Web Werks's sixth high-density data center in India substantially creating more than two hundred plus jobs in the capital region.

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Start Solar investing for future


Start Solar is an Australian based company and has years of experience in developing solar solutions, project management, innovation, finance options and helping the development of the local industries. In India too, we have the capability to manage any kind of system and installation and lead all our projects to fruition through the highest standards of performance and service quality.

We at Start Solar India are committed to helping everyone receive an uninterrupted supply of power at the most reasonable rates by harnessing the power of solar energy and making it easily available. Our aim is to provide energy even to the remotest and off-grid parts of India – this we believe is our greatest strength and driving force. We intend to remain among the most trusted solar power company’s in the country and globally geared by years of experience and an unrelenting dedication to customer service and quality.

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China Smart Home Market Outlook


China, as a country, offers enormous potential for the Smart home industry, also known as the home automation industry. China smart home market is expected to be close to USD 37 Billion by the end of the year 2025. A home is defined as where appliances and devices are controlled via a smartphone application or web portal as user interface devices connected through the internet.

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