Fix Microsoft Security Client OOBE Stopped Due to 0xC000000D

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) can scan your system for malware and external attacks. It is easy-to-use and comes preinstalled on your computer. The program works quietly and efficiently in the background to protect your system all the time.

Nevertheless, sometimes it gives you the Microsoft Security Client OOBE stopped error. When you go to the Event Viewer, you see the Event ID 3 Kernel-EventTracing window, saying Session “Microsoft Security Essentials OOBE” stopped due to the following error: 0xC000000D.

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How to Choose The Right Offshore Mobile App Development Company?

We are at the end of 2019, and at this point having a mobile app has become an integral part of any business. Finding mobile app developers is easy, but finding a ‘good’ mobile app service provider is a bit difficult, and that is what really counts. Outsourcing to an offshore mobile app development company can be cost-effective and efficient, but it could be really tricky if you don’t know how to find one.

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Complete Guide to Automated Software Testing Solutions 2019

Test automation can't be acknowledged without great tools; as they decide how automation is performed and whether the advantages of automation can be conveyed. Test automation devices are an urgent segment in the DevOps toolchain. The present test automation patterns have expanded in applying man-made reasoning and (AI/ML) to offer advanced capacities for test improvement, shrewd test age, execution, and revealing. It will be beneficial to comprehend which instruments are best ready to exploit these patterns.

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Failed to Play Test Tone on Windows 10? Easily Fix It Now!

For a lot of users of the Windows system, this issue appears and affects many versions of the Windows system. No computer should experience this thing – having no sound since it is one essential thing that the computer should do.

This error message indicates that there is a problem between the Windows system and the sound device of your computer. Usually, it could be caused by invalid sound configurations, corrupted Windows files, damaged audio drivers, etc.

The test tone is usually used to check the right-left balance of speakers and headphones on your computer. If you cannot use it, there are some options you can check out to fix this issue. One of them should meet your needs and all these solutions apply to Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.

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An Extensive Guide on Types of Encryption

Imagine you and your friend are working in different cities and you have to transfer him $2000 online. You enter your bank account details and transfer him the required money. After few hours, you get a confirmation message from your friend that he has received the money. The next day you receive another message that $3000 has been transferred to an unknown account. Now, you don’t remember transferring that second $3000 to anyone!

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How to Fix Firefox SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER Easily

When using Firefox to visit a website, this browser will verify the certificate used by the website is valid. If it cannot be validated, Firefox can disconnect the connection to the web page. Usually, you get an error message showing “your connection is not secure” with the error code sec_error_unknown_issuer. Sometimes you see the message “warning: potential security risk ahead” with the same error code.

This error code means the certificate is not unknown by Firefox and therefore it cannot be trusted by default. Additionally, if your computer is infected by malware or virus, it is likely that you also come across this error.

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What Is ETD Control Center and How to Remove It?

What is ETD Control Center? Should it be removed? Or how can we disable it? This post will show you the answers. In addition, you can also visit MiniTool to find more Windows solutions and tips.ETD Control Center, also called Elan Trackpad Device Control Center, is a piece of software developed by ELAN Microelectronics.

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Top 10 WMV to MP3 Converters (Desktop & Online)

Can’t play the WMV file on your device? You can install a media player that supports WMV such as Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, VLC Media Player and more. Or you can convert WMV to other formats like WMV to MP4, WMV to MP3.

To play and convert WMV video, you may want MiniTool Movie Maker released by MiniTool. This software not only can play the WMV file but also can convert WMV to MP3. Let’s take a look at how to extract audio from WMV with these converting software.

Part 1. Top 7 WMV to MP3 Desktop Converters
This part shows seven WMV to MP3 desktop converters and how it works.

#1. MiniTool Movie Maker
To convert WMV to MP3, first I would recommend MiniTool Movie Maker to you. It’s an easy-to-use video editing software. With its user-friendly interface, you can create and edit your videos easily. What’s more, it supports import formats: FLV, MKV, MP4, VOB, WMV, AVI, 3GP, MP4, RMVB, which helps you convert FLV to MP4, WMV to MP4, MP3 to MP4, MKV to MP4, MP4 to MOV, etc.

Main Features

It’s free to use and ad-free.
It offers different kinds of transitions and filters as well as titles, captions and credits.
It can convert video to MP3 like WMV to MP3, MP4 to MP3, FLV to MP3, etc.
It allows you to export a video to a variety of devices including computer, iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, PS4, Nexus, Sony TV, Galaxy note 9 and Xboxone.
You can use it to edit MP4 like add music to video, change voice, etc.

It’s 100% safe and reliable.
It has a simple and clean interface.
It supports importing photo, audio and video.

So let’s dive into how to convert WMV to MP3 with MiniTool Movie Maker. Firstly, you need to download and install MiniTool Movie Maker on your computer.

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Software Testing Services

TestingXperts is a leading provider of independent quality assurance & testing. We are a leading independent software testing company with over 20 years of experience in software testing and providing superior software testing services with effective results. In an increasingly digital world, hiring a software testing services is a great way to improve your business services.

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13 Common Personal Computer Maintenance Tips You Should Try

Computers play a vital role in your daily life and you can use a PC to do many things, for example, surf the Internet, watch movies, play games, deal with work, etc. PC maintenance is very important to ensure your computer runs smoothly.

If you have ever lost important files due to hard drive crash, spending much time in removing a nasty virus or frying a CPU since you didn’t clean the fan, perhaps you clearly know why you need to maintain your computer.

Prevention is better than cure! If you take some time to perform some basic PC maintenance tasks, you can not only make sure the machine has optimal performance but also lengthen the device’s lifespan. Otherwise, the few minutes that you didn’t spend on desktop/laptop maintenance could become hours of unnecessary work in the future.

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