How to Send Large Video Files for Free - 8 Effective Solutions

Can’t send video files because they are large in size? How to send large files over the internet? This post lists the best 8 ways to send large files free.

Fix 1. Compress Video Files
If you want to send a large video file or multiple files to friends, you can try file compression software, like 7-Zip, to compress an entire folder of files at once before sending. Compression tools compress your data into a new file that takes up less disk space.

In general, Zip files support lossless data compression. Zip files not only ensure your files remain intact but also are good for saving time and space. Most operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux support Zip files.

When you email a ZIP file, your recipient will need to unzip the file to extract and view it.

Fix 2. Reduce Video File Size
If you have a large video file and want to send it to your friends, you can try a free video editing tool to reduce its size and then send it for free. MiniTool Movie Maker, a free and simple video editor, is recommended here.
It offers 3 options to reduce video size free.
Option 1. Select the video file, and trim video to remove unwanted parts.
Option 2. Export this video file with a smaller video resolution from the drop-list of Resolution.
Option 3. Convert this large video file to small size formats like WMV, FLV, etc.

Fix 3. Upload to a Cloud Storage Service
If you want to send large video files rather than simply share them on YouTube or Facebook, you can try uploading these files to a cloud service. After uploading, you can download them anywhere you have access to an internet connection. Besides, you are able to share this file with people.

Using a cloud storage space like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive is one of the easiest and most popular methods for sending large files. You maybe use Google Drive for Gmail, or OneDrive for, depending on your email provider.

Solution 4. Purchase USB Flash Drive or External Drive

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Multiple Ways to Disable Avast for PC and Mac Temporarily/Completely

Simply put, Avast is one of the best free antivirus programs on the market that you can download it for use. It has been around a long time, helping you to protect against many threats from the local files, instant messages, emails, internet, P2P connections, etc.

It also offers various services including computer security, firewall, anti-phishing, browser security, antispyware, anti-spam and more. Importantly, it can be used in multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, iPad & iPhone and loT. To get more information about this program, refer to its official website.

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Tips to Increase Your Website Speed – Mobile and Desktop

Whether you are an owner of a business site or a personal blog or website in any field, the page loading time is crucial for your success. The longer the load time, there is more chance that the visitors may get discouraged and move away from your site which could hurt your business or your blog.

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How to Create a Real Estate Website That Will Succeed

Being involved in the real estate industry and not having a thoughtful website means losing a fight to competitors. We unveiled how to make a successful real estate website. Read practical tips on real estate website creation to become aware of the core functionality and its approximate cost.

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How to Get Data off an Old Hard Drive? The Methods Are Here!

As to this topic - getting data off an old hard drive, there are various situations:

1. You have an old hard drive from the previous computer sitting around and it isn’t put to your old PC.

2. The old hard drive is in your old PC

The PC can start up properly from the old hard drive; you want to keep the same data and Windows as the old PC on the new one.
In a dead computer, Windows OS fails to boot from the old disk, then you need to recover data.
Depending on different situations, the ways to retrieve data from hard drive are also different. Here, we will show you details on how to get data off an old hard drive in these cases.

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Data Centers and Digital Transformation are Going Hand in Hand and here’s why

Data centers are more than just the sidelining IT infrastructure as it is generally perceived. The digital world has brought a lot many benefits along with it, but let us choose technology wisely. Here are a few points that show how data centers are helping digital transformation:

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Don't Call This Number: It's a Tech-Support Scam

We discovered a tech-support scam that calls people at home and tells them that their 'Microsoft services' have been 'terminated.'
A tech-support-scam outfit is calling people at home and telling them that their "version of Windows has been terminated" and asking them to call a toll-free number for assistance "from Microsoft."
The phony phone number is (844) 308-6819, but don't call it. If you do, a man with a heavy accent will ask you to go to a website called, then ask to you click one of three buttons on that site. Doing so will download software that gives the friendly foreign gentleman total control of your PC.

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Office Depot settles with FTC over fake computer repairs

It’s not that hard to scare people into buying things they may not need, especially in areas they may have little knowledge of. And nothing can be more complex or daunting than a PC. That’s why for almost a decade, Office Depot and its software provider and partner in crime got away with conning users into paying hundreds for a computer repair they never really needed. Now, however, the two will be paying millions to settle the FTC’s complaint out of court and refund those customers.

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Fake computer help fraudsters steal £21m from 22,000 victims in UK

More than £21m has been stolen from over 22,000 people in the UK by fraudsters offering fake help with computer issues, according to new figures.
Action Fraud, the specialist nationwide reporting point for cyber crime run by City of London police, has launched a campaign to educate people about Computer Software Service fraud.

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Scaled Agile Framework –(POPM) | Certification And Exam Information

During this two-day course with Aleph-technologies, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the Agile Release Train (ART), how it delivers value and what you can do to effectively perform your role as a Product Owner/Product Manager and also guide you to get Certification.

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