Focus on Disk Backup and How to Quickly Reimage Computer

Actually, to reimage computer refers to the process of removing all programs and reinstalling everything on your computer. Namely, it helps to delete all data on the hard drive of your computer and restore the PC to factory setting. Sometimes the word "reinstall" is used in place of "reimage". To reimage computer is very necessary in many cases. For example, the operating system gets damaged or corrupted; your system is plagued with spyware problems; Windows is unable to load; the PC isn't running as well as it should be. By reimaging your computer, all these problems caused by software issues can be repaired.

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The Best Way to Back up Laptop to External Hard Drive in Windows

Surprisingly, few people take seriously the simple act of backing up laptop data. There are many reasons for this: perhaps you are one of them thinking that system corruption never happens to your laptop, or there is too much hassle.
However, actually, it is difficult to avoid hard drive failure, losing documents, videos, photos or other important files. Seriously, there is always the rising threat of ransomware attacks, encrypting data on your laptop or desktop until a ransom is paid for. Besides, some mistaken operations, sudden power outage and more can cause data loss or system corruption. If you take some time to back up your system or hard drive data on a regular basis in Windows 10/8/7, all of those accidents can be avoidable.

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Windows Backup Stuck at Creating System Image? Solve It Now!

Windows backup stuck at 57%, 97% or 12% when creating a system image? What should you do if you are facing the similar problem? Take it easy. The third-party software - MiniTool ShadowMaker will be a good assistant in the event of Windows backup stuck at creating system image.

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Hard Drive Image Software - The Best Way to Image a Hard Drive

What is a disk image? As to this question, it is easy to understand. To put it simply, it refers to a copy or a full snapshot of a data storage device which can be a hard drive, USB flash drive, DVD, CD etc. When taking a hard drive image, the image will have identical contents to the original storage device, including both data and structure information.
As to backup method, the disk image is becoming the primary choice due to its merits and it can make more sense for backup. There is a point you should know: during the process of creating an image backup for your disk, all the files of the target hard drive will be compressed into an image, which can save much disk space. Besides, multiple image backups can be put on only an external hard drive.

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Is Antivirus Really Necessary? 7 Skills to Run PC without Antivirus!

Have you heard of such a sensational piece of news: in the last few days, US government banned agencies from using Kaspersky antivirus software? Citing fears about Russian intelligence, US government had removed Kaspersky from its approved vendors and procurement list. The United States thought that there was a hidden threat from Kaspersky to confidential information leak.
Not to mention whether this statement is true or not. However, from a technical perspective, usually, antivirus software has higher authority than general software. Thus, it is most likely that there is an intentional leak of secret information. No matter for a government or common user, it is uncontrollable to hand over the data security to one antivirus program since nobody knows what will happen. To sum up, antivirus software is responsible for security, but it can also become a threat.

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How is Backup Different From Disaster Recovery

Do you consider backup and disaster recovery to be the similar concepts? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. These two terminologies hold different meaning and are not interchangeable, but share quiet few similarities. Disaster recovery is a vast concept, whereas backup is an element of the massive DR abstract, both services are offered by data center service providers. Many organizations often regard it in the same context and end up tangled in a huge coil of trouble in the event of disaster.

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MySQL Database Backup Using PHP If your site is live and using Database then it is very important to take backup of you Database in regular time interval. But it is not possible to take the backup manually every time. So lets create a simple PHP function to do this job for us and we can call that function using Cron Job in regular time interval. Read more »
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Spanning takes the crown for Google Apps backup services [review] The competition in the Google Apps backup market is steadily ramping up, with more than a few contenders jumping in lately to have a piece of this newfound need. Just two months ago, I wrote about my (mostly) positive thoughts regarding Apps backup provider Backupify. But in order to do the competition justice, I decided to give the other popular alternative Spanning a run for the money. Read more »
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