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7 Ways to Quick Fix Insufficient Storage Available (Android)

As is well known, the internal memory of Android device is never much as it appears. For a device with 32GB of storage, much storage is occupied by the operating system, preinstalled apps as well as the wasted space based on how the OS formats storage medium.

As a result, when trying to install or update an app on your Android, you are only told "Insufficient Storage Available" error although the app takes less space than what is actually available on your Android device. (Sometimes "this device doesn't have enough space to download" error may appear when downloading an app.) As a matter of fact, there is enough storage space available to update or install your required app but not enough space to execute the process.

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Android Phone Won't Turn On? Try to Recover Data and Fix It!

As you know, Android platform is an open source system and it can be easily customized, optimized and personalized. Then, many devices adopt Android system including LG, Samsung, Nexus, Galaxy, Google, etc. phones, and tablets. However, it is not as great as its users might prefer. Here is an extremely common issue reported by many users: Android phone won't turn on. If Android phone not turning on happens, perhaps the Android screen is broken, the device gets bricked, the power button is broken, internal memory is damaged, etc.

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Install Xperia Z TWRP Touch Recovery For Locked Bootloaders Sony Xperia Z is a one of the latest flagship device from the Sony mobile. This device relased few weeks ago. Now there are custom recovery for this device. TWRP is a one of the popular custom recovery, now we can install Xperia Z. Read more »

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