The Security Factor Makes iOS Win over Android – The Specific Reasons for that

Both iOS & Android are the leading operating systems in the market, but it is the iOS that has proved better than its competitor on providing superior security.In the past couple of months, both held mega events wherein they unveiled a series of highly advanced gadgets and updated Operating Systems. Although the competition is exceedingly tough in every aspect and sphere but when it comes to security factor, iOS scores the goal to knock it out of the challenge.

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Live Streaming Apps for Android

The 21st century has certainly blessed us favorably by endowing us with different application connected to live streaming. Android is the stage which had been set up since the advent of smart phones with a marketplace which has to offer possible equipment, accessory and services the planet has never witnessed. Ustream was a beloved application long before Android came to existence. With the onset of high end digital cameras and an insurmountable internet speed one can also download the best live streaming app for android and advertise in front of audiences all over the world.

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Best Live Streaming Apps for Android

Live Streaming Apps allow its user to broadcast live events or videos worldwide so that everybody could see it and be an integral part of the celebration. It is a terrific way to stay in touch with relatives, friends, followers, etc. who are residing far away from them. At present, many global companies, mainly the IT companies such as Twitter and Facebook are investing a lot to improve their live streaming platforms.

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Top Features of Android Studio 3.0 that Make App Development More Powerful

Android Studio 3.0 comprises new features that helps app developers to develop, debug and make the app performance better as well as enhance the speed and app lifecycle shorter.
The key focus of this new version of Android Studio is to accelerate the flow of app development and offer the best tools built used for the Android. It comprises three key features such as a latest set of app performance profiling tools useful to diagnose the performance problems swiftly, for big sized app projects – boost Gradle build speeds and the Kotlin programming language support.

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10 Nice Examples of Writing SQL in Kotlin With jOOQ

Kotlin is the next big thing. With Google announcing official support for Kotlin on Android, we’ll see a lot more traction for this lovely language.

We’ve already blogged about the Kotlin language recently: 10 Features I Wish Java Would Steal From the Kotlin Language.

Should you migrate your application to Kotlin? Perhaps – there are many questions. The most important question is (of course): What are you going to do with your awesome SQL code?

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Virtual Reality Real Estate Marketing and Interactive(VR) Media Agency

VR-RUN-IT is a creative Interactive studio with a sharp focus on media and communication. We deliver end-to-end digital solutions to clients. A complete website design and moblie apps development along with interactive virtual reality real estate sales tools and digital marketing agency for architectural, property management and real estate developers.

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Avast Antivirus and Setup for PC or Android Protection

using web services become very dangers for your PC or phone health please be sure if your PC running slow or getting unwanted threats, the guidance is providing by Avast Support team so enjoy the services providing and get perfect resolution for beneficial security for PC and android.

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Lost Files After Android Update: Here Are Steps to Recover Them

When a new version of Android OS is available, most of you would want to make an update especially when the new version boasts of outstanding features and increased performance, right? There are 2 ways to upgrade your Android device, including Over The Air (OTA) and From Factory Image.
In general, updating Android system over the air will not kill user data, but there are exceptions reported.In addition, using an Android factory image to upgrade Android device will wipe all data. Therefore, this post shows how to recover lost files after Android update.

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