How to Pick Right Color Scheme for Your Medical Website?

Choosing the best color scheme for your website design is important. Human always influenced by colors. The best and bright colors are good to attract visitors to your website. If you are failing in boosting your business via your website, it is the right time to focus on the color scheme of your web design. Read here more about how to pick the right color scheme for your medical, dental or any healthcare website.

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SAP BW, be welcome SAP BW/4HANA

Yes, you read it right. After 20 years SAP BW (SAP NetWeaver BW or SAP Business Intelligence Warehouse if you areold experienced enough) has a successor. Welcome to the age of SAP BW/4 HANA. I know, a lot of people simply tough a Data Warehouse was not needed anymore after S/4 HANA. Several of us have been trying to make it clear, that was not the case. Here are a few examples:

Does SAP HANA Replace BW? (Hint: No, but…)
7 Reasons Why S/4HANA Does Not Replace SAP BW
On my S/4 HANA journey, all Analytic requirements shall be delivered by S/4 HANA
Is it time for Business Intelligence to retire? – Part I / Is it time for Business Intelligence to retire? – Part II / Is it time for Business Intelligence to retire? – Part III
In general, the argumentation was simple: S/4 HANA is great, SAP HANA is wonderful and we still need a Data Warehouse to deal with several different source systems, data integration/cleansing/harmonization/transformation and a common architecture. Basically, we need a Data Warehouse for the same reasons Inmon and Kimball had already pointed out. If you are interested in the topic, you could start here.
Once we have established that a Data Warehouse is needed, we can agree that besides all it was required from a DW in the past, we need more. We need that this DW be also a cornerstone of our Big Data strategy (as we have discussed in Enterprise Data Warehouse + SAP Vora = High Value) and that it allow us to deal with Digital Business needs. To answer that demand, a new product has been developed: SAP BW/4 HANA under the same concept of its cousin SAP S/4HANA: new code lines, built on top of SAP HANA platform, to address the Digital Business needs on cloud and on premise.
Important to say: SAP BW/4HANA is a new product. Other versions of SAP BW: SAP NetWeaver BW powered by SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver BW edition for SAP HANA are still in existence and have their maintenance period described in their respective Product Availability Matrix (PAM).

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SEO The Future of Health - Grow Your Medical Business Professionally

Are you on a quest of what SEO for doctors is? Seo is the procedure of increasing the visibility of your business, services or products in different search engines. This story will tell you why to use search engine optimization as a medical or dental doctor. Follow essential tips in the article about how a good search engine marketing campaign can build your practice.

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5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate - Healthcare Online Marketing

Is your website getting you 10 new patients per week? If not, then there is must be something wrong with your medical marketing strategy. Here you will read about the top 5 ideas to convert your visitors into brand-new patients. All you need to do, read the entire article carefully. Apply these methods on your healthcare site and you are ready to increase your patients. Click the link above for complete guidelines.

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Google experiments with 14 Robots enabling

Robots can look at each other’s eyes and exchange nitty-gritty, sorrows and happiness like us now! Robots are no longer machines now. They can act, enact, feel, share and what not? They can feel and share things like human or the other living organism.

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Finding a Reliable Service for Your Reverse Look Up Search

It is now very important for us to find the best service provider who can guarantee a reliable reverse look up search when we need to gather information about unregistered and unknown calls. We must research only for the best option to help us identify the exact caller and its actual location.

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Google introducing its latest technology called Google Glass

Google introducing its latest technology called Google Glass. This glass have an ability to making videos taking snapshots and much more. Study it very interesting invention. This google glass is also having memory to save data, very popular technology also use for military purposes. Study it and checkout the link for study

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Red Crucible 2 Multiplayer

Red Crucible 2 Face off hordes of enemies in this awesome sequel of Red Crucible first person shooter. Control your soldier through a hardcore firefight and get rid of enemies using a variety of high-tech weapons, powerful vehicles and helicopter-launched strikes. In Red Crucible 2 you can also compete you best pals and players worldwide online.

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Best Information Site

If you are looking for top 10s of information where you can end your curiosity and read the most interesting information that will not only increase your level of knowledge, but to make you more prominent in your friend circle, so just visit In this blog you can find your theme desire for information related to any region or any part of the world you can easily find here in one place.

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Information about Extensive Flights on Internet: Around the internet you may have perceived tale of wholesale deals of Cheap Flights Tickets to Karachi and have wondered how this diverse from getting discount permits. Of course, most people are well known with what wholesale is and are utilized to the warehouse buying deal, but wholesale as it is related to air travel is a term that might be a little bewildering and inquisitive. Read on to discover more about wholesale air travel and how this can help you save on the cost of airline journey. One of the characteristics about getting certain thing wholesale is buying it in bulk and the identical thing proceeds for Cheap Flights to Islamabad with wholesale flights. Wholesale air travels are when the sittings of flights are bought in bulk. Most airlines will offer savings for the number of seats bought on air travel. In order for the savings to boot in on flights there purchaser desires to buy to value for wholesale savings counts on the airline. Read more »
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