iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 RAM and Battery Capacity


Apple has made sure that the new models of the iPhone provide users with extended battery life compared to all the previous versions. Both iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max have been improved in terms of battery life. This means those iPhone users can now have a relatively longer screen time when operating their iPhones. With the new upgrades done on the iPhone battery technology, you can now spend more time on video playbacks or any navigational function without your iPhone draining all the juice at ones.

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Full Fixed – Avast Behavior Shield Keeps Turning Off


What is Avast Behavior Shield? Why does Avast behavior Shield keep turning off? How to solve this problem? This post will demonstrate you the answers. Besides Avast antivirus program, you can also try MiniTool software to safeguard your PC.

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How to Solve Stop Code Memory Management on Windows 10


A blue screen of death can appear when memory management goes wrong. What causes this issue? Is there a way to fix it? I will cover the most reliable solutions for memory management BSOD in this article.

What Is Memory Management
Memory management takes control and coordinate computer memory, assigning blocks to various running programs to optimize the overall system performance.

Since memory management plays an important role in operating system running, when it gets in trouble, you will encounter a blue screen of death.

Possible Causes of Stop Code Memory Management Errors
Usually, stop code memory management errors is closely related to hardware failure, software failure and firmware issues. Here are some causes of stop code memory management errors.

Fault in RAM.
Corrupted file system.
Software or hardware conflict.
Outdated hardware.
Disk errors.
Error in BIOS.
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