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5 Recommended paraphrasing tool apps for android users

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You’ll need to compose the whole text yourself if you want a high percentage of originality. However, even though working completely honestly, the rate of originality can be very poor. In such instances, you must rewrite the text several times, choosing specific terms that correspond to the context of the text.
And addition, if you know anyone extraordinary who can help you, you can tap into his power. On the other hand, professional copywriters can provide high-quality jobs and charge a significant fee for their services.
Even with such jobs, the Internet or special software will assist you in this age of new technology. By paraphrasing, all the sentences or portions of the text you like will simplify your life.
We’ve compiled a list of valuable and free applications for Android and iOS that will help you change the text.


This paraphraser works in tandem with a plagiarism checker to ensure that the content is free of plagiarism and unique. It also allows you to verify that the whole text is grammatical right, meaning the paraphrased content is a completely different, new, and original text.

With the help of well-known tools, the plagiarism test is professional and fast. The outcome can save in a text or doc file right away. You have no limits on the duration of your text or the number of attempts you may take – practice as much as you want.
This Paraphraser uses only English, so the root text has to be in English. It is entirely free, and you face no limitations on text size or number of attempts, so you can use it whenever you want. Since the programmer only speaks English, the text entered must also be in that language.

2. Article Spinner and Rewrite

The next application we’ll look at is a no-frills app. However, in this case, simplicity is just a benefit. It functions as a translator, so all you have to do is type or paste the text you want to paraphrase, and the app will take care of the rest.
When it comes to paraphrasing a text, the Article Spinner and Rewrite program requires the least amount of effort from you. It’s as easy as copying and pasting a file. The app will start rewriting the text after that. It would only take a few seconds to produce a text with new sentences but the same content as before. Finally, after pressing the Copy button, you’ll be able to paste a text wherever you want.

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The software has three paraphrasing choices. The first is the tiniest and hence the most eligible. If you want more changes, you have two more options, but they are both paid and questionable. Take into account why some people believe that paying for these apps’ functionality is pointless.
Another drawback is the small number of signs/words. So remember that before pasting an email. Finally, some users say that the software switches even needless terms on occasion. As a result, it isn’t entirely intuitive.

3. Prepostseo

Prepostseo is a versatile plagiarism and paraphrase checker compliant with and works correctly on all computers, regardless of the operating system.
Prepostseo offers the best online paraphrasing tool, which replaces words with superior synonyms and delivers plagiarism-free content. On the Play Store, an app of consistency and accessibility seems challenging to locate and trust.

In paraphrasing programs with technical names, free paraphrasing is not always available. Furthermore, none of them have credible information
The Prepostseo paraphrasing software, on the other hand, is free and improves the uniqueness of your material. Anyone who wishes to use an interface to write specific text can find it simple to use.

4. Grade Proof

We can also recommend Grade Proof Proofreading & Plagiarism Detection when it comes to iOS applications. Furthermore, this method would be beneficial for those looking for an all-in-one app.
First and foremost, the app would provide you with a fantastic platform for paraphrasing. When you’ve finished rewording, the app will recommend any terms that you can modify. The sheer amount of synonyms for these terms astounds me.
In terms of other instruments, you’ll have a Plagiarism Checker at your disposal. It is precise, so use it with confidence. Another cool feature is that if something matches, the app will show you the website.
Apart from that, the app will help you in detecting grammar and spelling errors. As a consequence, the mistakes will highlight. More is on the way. You will also give several options for correcting any of the errors in your text.

5. Spin Rewriter GOLD

When it comes to paraphrasing apps, we will recommend Spin Rewriter GOLD from the App Store. It saves you time and effort as you rewrite the text yourself. The program, which makes it easier to paraphrase, has a cool ENL Semantic Spinning Technology.
Before you begin paraphrasing, the app will ask you to choose the degree of “spinning” (rewriting). The software supports three of them: modest, medium, and large. Furthermore, you will have the option of changing the form of your text at the sentence or paragraph stage. Again, merging the two alternatives would be feasible.
How will the document be protected from unintended changes in meaning? It means that the algorithm is well thought out to stop it. You are free to label the words you do not have to modify. It may be titles, addresses, or something completely different.


You can rapidly and efficiently ensure that the text is distinctive and original by using a paraphrasing feature. First, paraphrasing tools mean that you don’t have to do it yourself by refining and to authenticate your document.
The paraphrasing software isn’t any more effective than the human brain. It would help if you also proofread your text after using a paraphrasing method, no matter how advanced it is. The importance of a proper paraphrasing application cannot deny whether you can’t get help or not paraphrase yourself.