What is Bell’s Palsy? How to treat Bell’s Palsy?

Posted July 25th, 2018 by Martin

When there is paralysis of the face, the medical condition is called Bell’s palsy. When facial nerves of one side of the face get damaged, the result is Bell’s Palsy, whereby the person is unable to control muscular movement of that side of the face. The disease is deadly and needs early medical intervention. It is actually the result of any damage to 7 th cranial nerve of the face. The 7th cranial nerve controls the facial muscles and their movement. When this nerve gets damaged, the facial muscles tend to weaken or muscle paralysis takes place. It may be the result of some viral infection causing pain and swelling on the facial nerve. The paralysis of face may either result all of a sudden or gradually develop in the period of 2-3 days time. Most individuals suffered Bell’s Palsy after suffering a cold virus. If you are lucky, the medical condition will cure itself after the passage of time. But, it is better to adopt a suitable Bell’s Palsy treatment to gain relief. 

What are the symptoms of Bell’s Palsy?

To know whether or not one is having Bell’s Palsy, check for the following symptoms:

  • stiffness of facial muscles
  • the general pull on the facial muscle
  • drooling
  • unable to chew from one side of the face which is affected
  • problem in drinking and eating
  • facial drooping towards one side of the face
  • problem in smiling or making facial expression
  • feeling of weakness towards the affected side

What is the cause of Bell’s Palsy?

Still the main cause of Bell’s Palsy is not that clear. It may be caused by virus causing herpes or a cold sore. The nerve of one side of the face gets inflamed and then finally gets impaired.

How to alleviate discomfort?

Bell’s Palsy can cause great discomfort to one side of your face. Treatment of paralysis is limited here, but still you may do certain things to gain relief. Treatment is aimed at alleviating or reducing discomfort. Some of the best treatment options for facial paralysis are:

  • use of ointment or eye drop to keep the eyes moist
  • wear eye patch when sleeping
  • the use of certain anti-viral medication
  • use of corticosteroids
  • physical therapy to safeguard from facial muscle atrophy
  • the use of anti-viral medication to avoid infection

Alternative medicine and Bell’s Palsy

Alternative medicine is also an effective treatment for facial paralysis. People who suffer from this condition may benefit from the following kinds of alternative therapies:

  • facial massage from physical therapist to prevent muscle atrophy
  • yoga and meditation in order to relieve muscular tension, reduce pain
  • Vitamin D therapy sessions to facilitate nerve growth
  • acupuncture to trigger muscles and facial nerves
  • biofeedback training helps in regaining control over facial muscles

Stick to natural paralysis treatment like Panchakarma detoxification treatment to get relief from Bell’s Palsy. Home remedies can bring about relief from pain and discomfort. A physical therapist will recommend you a series of therapies.

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