ENRG LED Bulb PRISM - APP controlled LED bulb 256 colours

The PRISM is fitted with 9 watt LED bulb and can slip in any standard CFL light socket. Each of the ENRG Prism light comes fitted with a state-of-the-art microchip and can be controlled using the router device. The router comes with a chargeable USB cord which needs to be plugged in a main power source(normal mobile charger socket). As soon as it is connected to main power the router would automatically start blinking green light which will show that the the router is on. Now simply download (Mi-light app) free of charge from Google play store on your mobile phone. As soon as it pairs with the phone you can control the luminousity and colour using the App on your mobile via the router within a maximum range of 10 meters and can connect up to 100 LED simultaneously. Prism without a router will only emit white light. The Prism is a hi-tech light that comes in the shape of a standard bulb. It can be used as a white light anywhere, whether home or office. It has the added advantage of turning the colour from white to 256 different shades of RGB LED light using smart technology. Apart from using it as the main light it has the dual advantage of augmenting your mood with its soft colour changing hue. The ENRG Prism lights are popular for its long life of 50,000 light hours or 10 years. The LED bulbs are heat protective due to the Heat Sink design of the body. So now when you think of buying a LED bulb think PRISM, which changes the ambience of your room from a living room to a party hall just at a remote click WIRELESSLY. So Go Grab it & Be Energised.

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