The Best FAT32 Formatter to Format SD Card/USB Drive

FAT32 is an old file system, so many old operating systems including Win95, Win98, Win2000, Win2003, Win Vista and more support this file system. What's more, as for some old game consoles, FAT32 is available. When reading here, you know FAT32 has a very good compatibility. Besides, USB flash drives adopt FAT32 file system by default.

Why format to FAT32?Generally speaking, it is due to the better compatibility of FAT32. Let's focus on a common issue for more information: What is the best format for a flash drive? If you are using a USB drive but the partition is formatted to NTFS before, now you want to use your USB drive to connect to a game console PS3/4. In this case, you need to use an FAT32 formatter to change the file system to FAT32.

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Created by Vera 3 years 49 weeks ago
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