How Do I Solve USB Drive Cannot be Opened in Windows 7/8/10


Now, more and more users like using USB flash drive to store data or transfer data. However, according to users' feedback, users have encountered some different problems like USB drive not showing files and folders, USB flash drive not recognized... Here, we are going to discuss another hot issue about USB drive detected but not accessible.
As we know, if we cannot open USB flash drive in Windows 7/8/10, we cannot access our files on USB drive. Search on google, then we will find a large number of users are talking about the question of USB drive detected but cannot be opened. Keep reading, and then you will find some troubleshooting steps you can go through to effectively solve the issue - cannot access files on USB flash drive in Windows 7/8/10.
tips Before fixing the USB drive detected but not accessible issue, you are strongly suggested to recover data from USB drive in case of any accidents. Believe it or not, human error is one of the most common causes of data loss.
When it comes to recovering files from USB drive that cannot be opened in Windows 7/8/10, you have 3 options:
1) Recover data from backup files.
2) Recover data by asking data recovery companies for help.
3) Recover data by turning to data recovery software.

For people who cannot access files on USB drive, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a best choice because this read-only and professional data recovery software can help them effectively recover lost data from USB drive without damaging the original data. Besides, you don't need to worry about your poor knowledge about data recovery, for this professional tool offers wizard-like interfaces as well as simple operations which can help you complete the task of data loss recovery without any difficulty. And, this tool supports various operating systems including Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

If you cannot open USB drive in Windows, you can try connecting to another healthy PC, uninstalling the device under Universal Serial Bus controllers from the Windows Device Manager, or updating the USB drivers. If these attempts don't work, you can try the following solutions to solve the USB drive cannot be opened issue.
Here, we will show 3 most common reasons as well as solutions to help you address the USB drive detected but not accessible issue.
Case 1. USB Drive Becomes RAW
Case 2. The Parameter Is Incorrect
Sometimes, users cannot open USB drive in Windows 10 because they receive the following error message: The parameter is incorrect.
the parameter is incorrect
In general, the error that partitions on external hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card, etc. can't be opened and accessed is of common occurrence. And, various factors including sudden power failure, virus invasion, bad sectors, can cause this issue.
Now, you can try the following 2 solutions to fix the USB drive cannot be opened in Windows 10 issue.

① Format the USB drive
Right-click This PC. (If you cannot open your USB drive in Windows 7, you can click My Computer.)
Choose Manage, and then click Disk Management.
Right-click the corrupted USB drive and select Format.
Set Volume label and File system and check the option Perform a quick format. Then click OK button.
set volume label
Click OK button when you see the following warning message and the formatting will be done quickly.
format warning
② Run chkdsk to fix the can't open USB drive in Windows 10 issue
Press Windows + R on your keyboard to open Run window.
Type cmd or cmd.exe and press Enter or click/tap OK.
Type diskpart and press Enter.
Type command line chkdsk /f /r drive letter: and hit Enter key. (Here, I type chkdsk /f /r f: because my USB drive's letter is F.)
chkdks r f f
Note: If bad sectors are found on the drive during the process, chkdsk will try to repair them. In that case, data stored on bad sectors will be lost. Therefore, you had better try using MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover lost data in advance.
Case 3. Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check)
You have probably heard of the data error (cyclic redundancy check)! Maybe, you have encountered the CRC error. In general, "drive is not accessible, data error (cyclic redundancy check)" is basically an error checking technique which is used for data verification. Now, what should you do if you cannot open USB drive in Windows 7/8/10 because of the CRC error?
People who successfully solved this issue do two things very well:
First, they recover data from USB drive with CRC error.
Helpful article: How to Fix Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check)! Look Here!
Second, they try the following steps to solve the USB drive cannot be opened in Windows 10 issue.
Right click the USB drive in Windows Explorer.
Click on Properties.
Choose Tools.
Next, click Check under Error checking.

check under error checking
Click "Automatically fix the file system errors" to do a basic check and automatically repair problems with file and folders, and then click Start.
Alternatively, you can try using CMD to remove the CRC error to access your USB drive in Windows.
Open command prompt, and run as administrator.
Type chkdsk /f x: into the command prompt and press Enter. The letter "x" should be replaced with the letter of the USB drive you'd like to run the scan on. Here, for instance, I type chkdsk /f f: because my USB drive's letter is F.
chkdsk ff
Type exit and press Enter after the scan to complete.

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