The Main Factors affecting Human Physical Health


Thin bodies and human health Unfortunately, our medicine does not take into account the subtle bodies, and treats only the physical body, but with this approach to the disease can not cope. It is necessary to perceive a person as a whole, take into account all the subtle bodies and work with them, then the physical health of a person will not suffer. In oriental medicine, much attention is paid to the etheric body. They work with etheric channels and acupuncture points. This approach is much better, but still, it is not ideal, since without the elaboration of thin bodies, the etheric channels can again become clogged. Hence the conclusion: To get rid of chronic diseases, one must take into account the integral essence of man, and not focus only on the physical body. It is necessary for the patient himself to reconsider his reactions to the external world, to observe his thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires. Then not only the physical health of a person will improve, but life itself will acquire a completely different quality.

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