Solutions to Dealing with Windows File Transfer Freezes


File transfer between two digital devices is a common operation. Most of the time, there is no problem with this operation. However, some of you may reflect that Windows file transfer freezes issue happens.

What’s wrong with the transfer process?

When you are facing this issue, please be patient. If it seems that it will take forever to finish this transfer operation, you need to force to quit this operation. You can enter the Task Manager to end this task. But, if this can’t quit the transfer process, you need to try other methods mentioned in this post: Windows 10 File Transfer Freezes? Solutions Are Here!

File transfer freezes Windows is one issue you are facing. Here, you need to know that it may bring another problem: data loss.

After Windows file transfer freezes issue is solved, you may discover that the transferred file is gone. In this situation, you can use a piece of free data recovery software to get your lost file back.

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