Solved – YouTube Black Screen (Works GREAT in 2019)


YouTube video shows a black screen! How do I fix the YouTube black screen Firefox/Google issue? How to fix YouTube black screen on phone?
Solution 1. Sign out of Your YouTube (Google) Account
Several users have remarked that the problem ceases to exist once they log out of their YouTube (Google) Account.
Solution 2. Check the Status of Your Network Connection
It is very necessary to check if you have a reliable and strong network connection. Poor and unstable network connection might prevent your browser from loading the complete video, just display a black screen or in some rare cases, only output the audio.

After checking the network connection, you can try refreshing the YouTube page or restarting the browser and check if it is working correctly.

Besides, you can check all running programs on your PC and make sure that they are not consuming too much traffic.

Solution 3. Update the Browser
If your web browser isn't updated to its latest version, you will encounter the YouTube black screen issue. Besides, if your browser is still using the Adobe Flash Player plug-in which isn’t supported by YouTube anymore, you also will encounter this issue. To fix this issue, you need to update the browser.

Solution 4. Clear Your Browser’s Cache and Cookies
Sometimes, the cache and history present in your browser can cause the black screen issue. Thus, you need to clear the browser’s data to fix this issue. Here, we take the top 2 most popular browsers for example to show how to solve the black screen issue.

Solution 5. Disabling AdBlockers and Extensions
If the above methods cannot solve the YouTube black screen issue, you can check to see if there's an extension causing a conflict with YouTube.

Solution 6. Check Adobe Flash Player
There is no doubt that Adobe Flash Player is pre-installed in many web browsers and is widely used to embed videos on several websites.

If the Adobe Flash Player is outdated, you may encounter the YouTube black screen issue. Try uninstalling and installing the latest version of the Flash Player from its official website.

If you are running Firefox, you had better check if your browser is using HTML5 to fix the YouTube black screen Firefox since YouTube has switched users from Flash Player to HTML5 player by default.

Solution 7. Disable Hardware Acceleration
As we know, hardware acceleration is able to assign some tasks toGPU (graphics processing unit) instead of CPU to improve visual performance.

However, sometimes, it can bring about unexpected issues. For instance, your YouTube video may not be able to play normally. Thus, you can try disabling hardware acceleration to see if this work for you.

How to Fix YouTube Black Screen Android/iOS
When your YouTube mobile app displays a black screen instead of playing a video, there are some types of problems with this app.

The first thing you should do is to restart your phone when you encounter the YouTube black screen Android/iOS issues. If restarting cannot work, you can try clearing the YouTube app data to fix the YouTube black screen Android/iOS issue.

Open Settings.
Tap the Storage to open its settings page.
Select the Other Apps to see a list of your installed apps.
Select the YouTube and then select the Clear cache
Here, if you are running iOS, you can simply delete and then install YouTube app to fix the YouTube black screen on phone issue.

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