The Latest Trends that are shaping the Events Management Industry


As technology progresses, trends also change. These changes shape the current market and utilization of resources. In the events management industry, there are already new trends that are embraced by event organizers in Dubai.

Event management companies are utilizing different tools and software to make the user experience more enhanced and better than ever before. This strategy can help event companies to meet the already heightened expectations of the guests. These companies help their clients to achieve organizing successful events. As this strategy becomes more rampant, more and more companies are trying their best to utilize the trends and surprise everyone in their events.

What are these trends, by the way?

1.Projection Mapping

This augmented reality is done with the use of projectors. In this, the structures that we see every day can turn into something beautiful and innovative – 3D interactive displays. For event planners, this kind of trend helps them to give a better and transformational visualization to the guests; giving them something new and pleasant to the eyes.

2.Live Responses

These live responses make the attendees have so much fun and become more engaged in the event. Sure, surveys and other traditional ways to get feedback of your event is still a good strategy, but this new trend, the live results, will be a new way for you to interact with your attendees and see their reactions, real-time.

3. Chatbots and Robots

Since we are already entering the era of robots, why not use one in your event? In many countries all over the world, advances in creating robots are already rampant. If your guests see that you have robots in your events, they will have this feeling that you are also advanced in what you do. Chat bots, however, will keep you connected with your customers all the time – 24/7, anytime, anywhere. This is a good way for you to increase your relationship with them.

4. 5G

Imagine 4G LTE – but so much faster, that’s what 5G means. And giving this to your customers will let them have a good time in your event and allow them to share your event in their own social media accounts while they are in your venue; thus, increasing your brand awareness.

So, what’s really the importance of these trends?

Clearly, it’s to make your ¬guests enjoy the time that they are in your event. The more pleased they become, the more chances it will be for them to check out your brand and see the services you offer. In this way, you can also gain new partners, sponsors, as well.

If you need reputable event management companies in Dubai that can help you organize a successful event, we, Invent Creative and Event Solutions are here to help you out. Contact us anytime and we’ll gladly assist you with all that you need.

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