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Before developing a new project, choosing the right technology stack is essential. There are many options for Back-End development like Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, and many more.

If you know the advantages and disadvantages of Ruby on Rails and what it is used for then choosing between Ruby on Rails and other frameworks becomes easier.

Ruby on Rails has a few beneficial arguments that developers can't ignore. As soon as all of them are combined, they decrease the development time and make the process more efficient.

In comparison with many other frameworks, its ecosystem is what makes Ruby on Rails superior. RubyGems, a Ruby community’s gem hosting service, provides access to thousands of many gems, which can take the form of add-ons, libraries, or software snippets. Gems are ready-made solutions for different problems that streamline the development process.

Another integral part of the Ruby on Rails framework is MVC. It means Model-View-Controller format. The approach divides the app work into three subsystems, each of which is responsible for a set of actions:

Models handle data and business logic
Controllers handle the user interface and application
Views handle graphical user interface objects and presentation

Ruby on Rails MVC lets parallel development and allows programmers to speed up the engineering process three times. Ruby on Rails gives ready-to-use baskets for separation of the app business logic, in such a way a Ruby on Rails web development company can save time through its utilization.

Here you will read about when Ruby on Rails is best applied, what projects can be built with it, and which companies successfully use it already.

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