How Can You Remove the Two Blue Arrows on Icons?


You may not that some icons on your Windows have an overlay icon on them. When seeing them, you will ask: what are the two blue arrows on my desktop icons?
Normally, these icons are common overlay arrow icons that are the shortcut icons or padlock icons which means that there are some private items in a non-private directory. These two blue arrows on icons mean that the item is a compressed file or folder.

Usually, you compress files and folders to save disk space on Windows. You can compress a file or a folder by using the Windows File Compression. The selected data is compressed with an algorithm and it is re-written so as to occupy less space.
When you want to open the compressed file, it will be decompressed first and then you can access it successfully. This means that it will take more time to read a compressed file. Thus, it will consume more processing power.
If you move a file to a compressed folder, what will happen? There are two situations:
When you add a file from a DIFFERENT NTFS drive to a compressed folder, the file will also be compressed.
When you add a file from the SAME NTFS drive to a compressed folder, that file will still keep its original state whether it is compressed or uncompressed.
The two blue arrows on desktop icons cam appear when you compressed a file or a folder. When you move a file or a folder to a compressed folder, the two blue arrows can also come.
Now, you know what the two blue arrows on icons on Windows are. They are not errors and can’t influence the normal operation of your computer. But, you may still want to recover them from your computer.
It is very easy to remove the two blue arrows on icons. You can just depress the file or folder via Properties on Windows. Then, the two blue arrows will disappear.

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