How to Trim Audio? Free Audio Trimmers Can Do It


Do you want to remove unwanted sections from your songs? Do you know how to trim audio files? MiniTool offers a free, no ads, no bundle video editing software – MiniTool MovieMaker that can help you trim audio, split audio, merge audio, etc.
How to Trim Audio Files in Windows
Step 1. Add audio files to this audio trimmer.

Download and install MiniTool MovieMaker on your PC. Launch this free MP3 cutter. Click the Import Media Files button to import your video and audio files. Drag and drop your files into the timeline.
Step 2. Trim audio file as you like.

Hang your mouse at the edge of the audio clip you want to trim until the trim icon shows up. Next, drag it forward or backward to the ending points of the unwanted part to trim it out.

Alternatively, you can use the Split feature provided by the free video trimmer to remove audio files. This feature is very useful if the unwanted part is in the middle of the audio clip.

Step 3. Edit audio files – optional

MiniTool MovieMaker not only lets you split or trim MP3 files but also lets you edit audio files.

Step 4. Export a new audio file

Click Export button after trimming audio. Then, you can select MP3 as the output format, and choose a path to store the trimmed audio file. Finally, click Export button again to save the audio file in your PC.

7 Audio Trimmers Recommended
In addition to MiniTool MovieMaker, you can try other MP3 cutters to trim audio easily.

You’ve heard of PowerPoint. But, do you know that you can trim a video, music clip, or sound clip in PowerPoint?

Now, try the following steps to trim audio in PowerPoint.

Select the audio clip.
Click the Trim audio option Under Audio Tools.
Drag the green marker on the left to the new starting position for the audio clip to trim the beginning of the clip.
Drag the red marker on the right to the new ending position for the audio clip to trim the end of the clip.
Save the trimmed audio file on your PC.

Can you trim audio in VLC?

Of course, you can. Check the below steps on how to trim audio in VLC?

Open VLC media player on your computer.
Click the View and click Advanced Controls.
Open the audio file with VLC.
Set where you want to start to trim MP3 file and click the record button at the bottom to start to record your file.
Click the record button again when it reaches the endpoint.
Thus, you can find the trimmed audio file in My Music folder on your PC.

Do you know how to trim audio in audacity?

Before trimming audio, you need to know what audacity is.

Audacity is the best and professional open-source audio editor that works on Mac, Linux, and Windows devices. This tool is designed for professional users because of its intimidating interface.

To keep it competitive with other audio editors, audacity is constantly being updated with new features and plugins. For instance, Gsnap, the best third-party Audacity plug-ins, lets you add auto-tune effects to your sounds.

#4.Adobe Audition CC
Adobe Audition CC is a powerhouse audio editor that compatible with macOS and Windows. It is a single-track audio editor. Also, it can be used as a multi-track mixer for recording and layering sounds. With this audio editor, you can grab a sample of noise in your recording and then remove the unwanted range of sound from the entire file.

This professional audio trimmer can trim audio easily, but it is not a free tool. $20.99/month (billed annually) for a single app plan. $52.99/month (billed annually) for Creative Cloud all apps including Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and more.

#5. Windows Movie Maker
Windows Movie Maker is a free video editing software that offers options to edit audio as well as video files. It offers the split feature to help you trim MP3 file. Of course, this free MP3 cutter lets you change music volume, fade in or fade out music files, remove audio from video, etc.

To trim audio in Windows, you need to follow the below steps:

Import your videos/photos and music files into Microsoft Movie Maker.
Select the audio files, and drag the vertical line that represents where you want your new audio’s starting point to be.
Click the Split feature in the Music Tools to split your audio into separate parts on either side of the vertical line.
Right-click the part you no longer wish to use and click Remove function.

#6. iMovie
Mac users can try iMovie to trim audio in Mac. iMovie is Apple’s idea of a consumer-level video editing software which is divided into three parts:

Media: lists all video clips you have already added to iMovie’s Library. More importantly, you can trim audio files in this media window before placing it in the timeline.
Projects: shows all the projects you’ve created.
Theatre: stores all your finished videos.
This Mac video editing software lets you edit your video as well as audio files. For instance, this free MP3 cutter lets you detach audio from video, remove audio from video, trim audio files, and split audio files. Unfortunately, this video cutter doesn't support Windows operating systems.

#7. Audio Trimmer
If you want to trim audio files online, you can try Audio Trimmer. It is a simple free MP3 cutter that lets you trim audio files without installing any software.

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