Some Important Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows You Should Know


When you use a computer to make some operations, using keyboard shortcuts can save a lot of time for you. But, there are so many keyboard shortcuts and you can’t remember all of them. In this article, we just show you 20 commonly-used and important keyboard shortcuts for Windows.
Windows: Open the Start Menu
After pressing the Windows key, the Start menu will be opened. It is especially important for Windows 8.1 and the earlier Windows version. You can search for the files, settings, and programs you want to use then.
In Windows 10, the search box is just in the taskbar. But, you can still use the Windows key to open the Start menu in Windows 10 and see the programs that are installed on your computer.

Windows+S: Open the Search Box
Windows+S is a shortcut for search on Windows:

When you press Windows+S on Windows 10, the search box will be enabled. Then, you can use the Windows search box to search for the files, programs, or settings you want to use.

Copy, Cut, and Paste
When you edit a text, it is very useful to use the copy, cut, and paste keyboard shortcuts. Of course, you can do these works using your mouse. But, using the keyboard shortcuts will be quicker.

Ctrl+C: This is used to copy the text you have selected.
Ctrl+X: This is used to cut the text you have selected.
Ctrl+V: This is used to paste the text you have copied or pasted.

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