[Fixed] QuickTime Player Can’t Open MP4 on Mac and Windows


What Is QuickTime Player?
QuickTime Player is an extensible multimedia framework that is developed by Apple Inc. You can use it to play different formats of videos, pictures, audio files, panoramic images, and interactivity. It has both Windows versions and Mac versions. But Apple stopped support for the Windows version of QuickTime in 2016 and stopped support for the Mac version of QuickTime in 2018.

QuickTime Player is preinstalled on Mac. If you are using a Windows computer, you need to go to the Apple QuickTime download page to download and install it on your device. Yes, some of you prefer to use QuickTime Player on Windows computers.

QuickTime is a reliable video player. But this doesn’t mean that it will not malfunction. For example, you may find it can’t play MP4 files or other types of videos. Video playing is its main function. If QuickTime Player is not working on your computer, you need to take measures to fix it. Before doing this, you’d better figure out why this problem occurs.
Top Reasons for QuickTime Player Can’t Play MP4/Files
QuickTime Player is not up-to-date.
QuickTime Player is corrupted.
The video format is not supported.
Your computer has temporary errors.
Your computer is affected by viruses or malware.
Codec issues
The video you want to play is corrupted.
And more….
Those are the main causes of the QuickTime Player malfunction. Knowing them can help you know what you should do to make your QuickTime Player go back to normal.

This issue can happen on both Windows and Mac. The solutions we will introduce in this post also refer to these two operating systems. In most cases, you don’t know the exact reason for this issue. You can just try these solutions in sequence to find the most suitable one.

What to Do if QuickTime Player Won’t Play MP4?
Restart your computer
Reinstall QuickTime Player
Convert video format
Scan your computer for viruses and malware
Use another supported video player
Repair your video

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