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Aluminium extrusion is the process of shaping material, such as aluminum, by forcing it to flow through a shaped opening in a die. Extruded material emerges as an elongated piece with the same profile as the die opening.

Aluminum extrusion is a process by which aluminum alloy material is forced through a die with a specific cross-sectional profile. A powerful ram pushes the aluminum through the die and it emerges from the die opening. When it does come out in the shape of the die and is pushed out along a runout table.

Aluminum extrusion is a versatile metal-shaping process in which a machine guides aluminum through a shaped opening in the die. The extrusion process allows for the creation of a wide range of complex, custom metal shapes. Commonly extruded materials include metals, polymers, ceramics, concrete, modelling clay and foodstuffs.

Extruded aluminum is very strong and a reliable structure and in the manufacturing industry applications is capable of handling high load applications.

Everyday examples of extrusion can be seen when toothpaste is squeezed out of a tube, icing is pushed out of an icing bag and ‘playdoh’ shapes are made. Extrusion moulding of plastics is used to make any long shape.

The aluminum extrusion process begins by heating the billets or logs to 400 – 480 degree C(750 – 900 degree F). The aluminum alloy is still solid but malleable. It does not glow when heated; aluminum looks the same whether hot or cold.

The main role of aluminum extrusion is to transform aluminum alloy into an extraordinary variety of products that can be used by the consumers.

Aluminum is manufactured in two phases : Bayer process of refining the bauxite ore to obtain aluminum oxide, and the Hall – Heroult process of smelting the aluminum oxide to release pure aluminum of aluminum, starch, lime and sodium sulphide are some examples.

There are certain features of aluminum extrusion manufacturer like high in strength – to – weight material, strong, strength with flexibility, non-magnetic, easy to assemble, lightweight. One of the largest manufacturers of aluminum in India are Maheshwari Company Pvt. Ltd.

Aluminium Section is used in various industries and households. This material is corrosion – resistant, non – magnetic, resilient, reflective, and sustainable in nature. The area of aluminium section usage is really very expanded. It is one of the core materials to be used in various industries. The reason behind this is quality. Aluminium is known to be lightweight, versatile, non – magnetic, corrosion – resistant etc. It is used in both domestic and commercial environments for a number of applications.

Maheshwari Company Pvt. Ltd. is well known in the industry to manufacture the high grade quality of aluminium sections. The aluminium section manufactured by Maheshwari Company Pvt. Ltd. can be easily drilled, machined, cut or fabricated to suit the requirement of the consumers. The aluminium can be treated as plastic to add the desired shape.

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