Best Intraday Trading Android App - A1 Intraday Tips


A1 Intradaytips app is one of the best Android app for Intraday trading for day traders in stock market. If you are looking to make money doing day trading, this will help you with daily free tips and nifty levels. This Android Application can be used by our Paid Members as well as Trial Members in their free trial. So even if you are taking our free trial, you are advised to installed this application in your android smart phone to benefit from freebies that we are offering to our clients.

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PayPal Business Account: How to Delete It


Sometimes you have to close your business for many reasons such as a change in business or for starting a new company or due to loss then you also have to close your PayPal business account along with it. Read more about closing and deleting your PayPal Business Account on 5 Star Processing.

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Gold Investments - the Real Pandemic Treasure - Investallign


Even though Old is Gold but this Pandemic your Gold Investments will make up for the best investment plus secured future. Plan with Investallign. When it comes to the precious Gold Investments in India, we don’t really need a reason to buy or invest in it. Gold in India is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Suited to present people from auspicious ceremonies to occasional celebrations such as birthdays, engagements, or weddings.

Gold has a powerful emotional temptation to Indians, who own one-eighth of the ore ever dug. Of late, though, the sparkle was starting to dim the professionals, too. India’s central bank recently raised the loan-to-value limit for advances against gold jewelry to 90% from 75%.

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Finance Consultants online on BizUpaay


BizUpaay will help experts to set up the right fee as per their experience, expertise & location for their consultancy services. BizUpaay can connect clients to experienced professionals within minutes to ensure that client’s project takes off immediately. BizUpaay will help experts to set up the right fee as per their experience, expertise & location for their consultancy services

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10 strategies to protect your business in an economic downturn


Business owners who have been around for decades know how to ride the roller coaster. In fact, they’ve turned the troughs into opportunities to steady the ship for the next storm on the horizon. Here are 10 actionable strategies that focus on customers, reputation and credit risk management:

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PayPal Merchant Account Requirements


A PayPal merchant account is also known as a PayPal business account which is a digital payment receiver for businesses. With this platform, you can receive payment from customers via debit card, credit card, and other modes of payment. Read more about the PayPal merchant account requirements on 5 Star Processing.

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Looking for Online Stock Market Courses in India!!


Win in the stock market with Live Intraday Screeners, SEBI-Registered Intraday and Swing Picks, etc.

The only app in India tailored to help a retail participant win the stock market.

Here's why you need marketfeed:

Live Intraday Screeners - 8 Intraday Screeners with Live Market Data.

SEBI-Registered Trading Advice - Trade with Confidence with SEBI-Registered Advisory. Get Intraday and Swing Picks from India's finest Research Analysts.

Track Every Market - Indian and Global Market Tracking with Live Data from around US Markets, Asian Markets and European Markets, along with SGX Nifty.

All-day Live Updates - Non-stop Market updates with chart patterns, hourly updates and breaking news through Live Feed

Curated Market Analysis - Curated and easy to read articles, including premarket report, postmarket analysis, Top 10 Indian Stock Market News, Top 10 Global News and Editorial content.

Custom Watchlist - Create and track your own watchlist of stocks, with live data.

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10 Types of Accounting Services Your Small Business Needs


You have recently opened a new business, and that’s amazing! But in order for your business to excel, even though you’re just starting, you already need to be familiar with the types of accounting services available. Knowing each of them would lead you to be knowledgeable on what’s to come, and how to handle the situation.
Being able to pinpoint the following will be a huge advantage to your company as you will be inevitably needing a few pair of hands for your business to run successfully. Make sure to mark an in-depth research – or contact a professional for a detailed information.

1. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is usually the common type for businesses that have started up until the medium ones. It records the daily tasks that includes your expenses, papers, and files. It’s essential to keep everything in place as it’s a common ground for start-ups. Modern Bookkeepers use accounting software to monitor your financial information.

2. Chartered Accounting

Accounts under this category have their specialized field in the accounting area. They are also part of the professional accounting group that are skilled in a number of accounting range.

3. Tax Accounting

It’s a type for tax income returns specializations. Accountants who specializes in tax are the best ones to ask help if you’re paying unnecessary taxes in your area. They’re also knowledgeable on the different tax fees that various areas have.

4. Financial Controller Services

This service is known to be the head of accounting departments. Their task is to give out work for employees, hiring, and both external and internal. They also talk to clients, and they overall make sure that your business is doing well.

5. Forensic Accounting

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US Dollar and Rates are Variables That Deserve Attention at a Time When Assets are Priced to Perfection


Consensus or “crowded trades” can be taken as a contra signal because ‘when all experts agree, something else is bound to happen’. Markets have an uncanny knack for luring investors into a sense of complacency before unleashing the unexpected.

As they say, markets are most vulnerable ‘when the last Bear on the street turns into a Bull’. That’s not far from the current mood as more and more investors who chose to sit out are joining the bandwagon.

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How to Choose a Certified Financial Advisor


Certified Financial Advisors advise clients on how best to save, invest, and grow their money. They can help you tackle a specific financial goal—such as readying yourself to buy a house—or give you a macro view of your money and the interplay of your various assets. Some specialize in retirement or estate planning, while some others consult on a range of financial matters.

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