How to Add Music to Video and Edit It for Free


In today’s world, you may hear music almost every day. When you walk on the street, you will hear music from many shops that play music to attract customers. When you go to the cinema to watch a film, you will hear music from the film from time to time. So why they add music to video? What're the benefits of background music?

Background music will help audiences feel more engaged when they watch videos.
Using suitable background music will enhance your video.
Background music can heighten the atmosphere, render emotions and improve the artistic quality of video products.
Listening to background music improves people’s mood and enhance their performance in creative works.
Listening to background music may remind you of something in your old memory.
Background music can attract more viewers to watch your video.
Do you like to listen to background music? Do you want to make your video more attractive? The next part will illustrate to you how to add music to video and edit on your computer and on YouTube.
To make audiences feel engaged in your video and increase viewers, you need to add background music to video now. Here introduce three ways to add music to video free. You can add music to video on computer and even on YouTube.

How to add music to video and edit it on computer
If you want to add suitable background music to video, a video editor is a necessity. Since there are many video editing software on the market, here recommend you a free video editor without watermark – MiniTool Movie Maker.
MiniTool Movie Maker is an easy-to-use video editing software for beginners. With it, you can trim, split your video and delete unnecessary parts. To enhance your video, it allows you to add transitions and effects to your video. Moreover, you are able to add titles, captions and credits to complete your video. If you want to create a trailer quickly, this tool also offers you some cool movie templates.

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Is Windows 10 Stuck in Tablet Mode? Full Solutions Are Here!


In the Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft offers a feature that allows users with touchscreen-enabled PCs to touch the screen instead of using a keyboard and mouse to use the machines. This feature is called Tablet Mode.

That is, if you enable this mode, you can interact with your PC using its touch screen, just like a tablet. In Tablet Mode, you can see large buttons, a back button is next to the Cortana button and app icons are gone (can be seen in Settings).

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5 Effective Methods to Speed up USB Transfer in Windows 10/8/7


USB drives are commonly used on your computers to transfer files such as photos, videos, documents, etc. If you are transferring a large amount of data, the transfer speed is very important.

However, sometimes you may be annoyed since you get the slow USB transfer speed. Nobody wants to wait dozens of minutes for the data transfer, especially when you need the data now or have important things.

Why does my USB transfer speed slow down? You may ask. This is mainly caused by some changes on your computer or USB stick, for example, formatting the USB drive, upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and 8, etc.

To transfer files faster between your PC and flash drive, you need to speed up USB transfer. How to make USB transfer faster? Get the methods from the following part now.

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8 Solutions to OneDrive Icon Missing from Taskbar and File Explorer


The OneDrive may disappear in the Taskbar and File Explorer, which brings some inconvenience for users to sync files. This post will walk you through how to fix the issue OneDrive icon missing in Taskbar and File Explorer. In addition, you can also try MiniTool software to sync files.

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Here Are Some Information About IPv4 VS IPv6 Addresses


Do you know what IP is? IP now has two versions, which are IPv4 and IPv6. The IPv4 uses a 32-bit address space while the IPv6 uses a 128-bit address scheme. So do you know any information about IPv4 vs IPv6 addresses? Read this article, you will get the answer. You can get other useful information by viewing MiniTool websites.

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Can’t Empty Recycle Bin Windows 10? Get Full Solutions Now!


After selecting a file or folder, you can press the delete key on your keyboard, and then it is moved to Recycle Bin. If you need to recover a file that is deleted by accident, you can get it from Recycle Bin.

But sometimes you need to empty Recycle Bin to delete files to free up some disk space. Then, the problem comes - can’t empty Recycle Bin Windows 10. Some of you have reported that the option to Empty Recycle Bin is greyed out. Additionally, Recycle Bin won’t open or gets corrupted.

If you are now bothered by the issue of Recycle Bin not emptying, get solutions from the following part.

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Big Data Characteristics


Know all About Big Data Characteristics, Advantages Types, and Industries Use Cases. This blog provides quick information about Big Data types and industry use cases. Data always plays an important role in every organisation. Organised and structured data is key to the success of every business. For years, maintaining data in the traditional way has become a major challenge for large enterprises.

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Solved Your Device Is Missing Important Security and Quality Fixes


Normally, Windows 10 installs updates by itself if you haven’t stopped updates and these updates are related to security to keep your computer safe. The update process for your PC is seamless. Besides, you can also click Check for updates to manually install updates.

However, you always have update problems, for example, your device is missing important security and quality fixes. Although you click on the Check for updates button, you see “you are not up to date” and the error message still appears.

Sometimes you see the following messages:

“Updates failed.

Your device is missing important security and quality fixes.

Some update files are missing or have problems. We’ll try to download the update again later.

Error code: (0x80073712)”

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How to Connect a Wireless Printer to Windows 10 PC


Are you bothered with these times when you need to quickly print something but your printer is far away from you? Do you want to get away from a USB cable of your printer?
Connecting a wireless printer to Windows 10 PC will allow remote access, enabling Windows 10 to print, fax, and scan without being physically attached to the computer.
Let's take a look at how to connect a wireless printer to Windows 10.

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